Are you imaginative, creative and interested in developing technical proficiency in commercial photography? Are you seeking to flex your entrepreneurial spirit and gain essential knowledge in business development and client acquisition?  Here are the top five reasons you should consider majoring in Commercial Photography:

1)      Picture your passion career.

The world of commercial photography in the digital age is constantly evolving, creating many opportunities for a successful career in commercial photography. Whether you have ever dreamed of setting up your own business, pursing a position in a creative agency or travelling the globe as a photo-journalist, graduates of our commercial photography degree will gain the necessary training for a variety of in-demand careers.

2)      Obtain valuable skill sets that industries seek.

Industries today are digital-driven, increasing the need for commercial photographers. Today’s digital platforms, including mobile, social media, and tablets just to name a few, are areas where companies are actively seeking high-quality images that are professional and meet the needs of their intended audience. The skills you will develop in this program, both academic and practical, are transferable to enable you flexibility when working in a variety of different areas including commercial, advertising and editorial photography.


3)      Create an individualized commercial photography portfolio.

Creating a portfolio of your work is a vital first step into the commercial photography industry. Here, you will learn the technical and design skills necessary to develop your own individualized online and offline commercial photography portfolio. You will create, execute and market your professional portfolio to showcase and differentiate your abilities to employers.

4)      Challenge your creativity.

Our career-focused and skill-based curriculum will challenge your proficiencies and creative mindset through coursework focused in business, lighting techniques, portfolio development, art history,color theory and video editing.  As a true interdisciplinary degree, our commercial photography degree program will also expose you to courses in the sciences and humanities.

5)      Experience all the benefits of a small, private New England college.  

Create picture-perfect memories throughout your four years as a part of Mount Ida’s small, tight-knit campus community. Our students come from all walks of life with a variety of interests, points-of-view and passions. During your time here, you will forge lasting friendships with your fellow students, receive one-on-one faculty guidance and gain many new experiences along the way.

Are you a natural at communications and technology? Do you believe you could lead an industry into the future? Are you hungry to master the next wave of technology? Here are the top five reasons you should consider majoring in Media Communication at Mount Ida College.

1) Turn your passion into a career.

Given the rapid surge in digital media platforms, emerging in virtually every industry, it’s of little surprise that you are looking to turn your passion and interests in media communication into a successful career. Graduates of our Media Communications major can choose from a number of careers including broadcasting, media/journalism, advertising, public relations, publishing, web design and video editing.

2) Interdisciplinary focus allows you to be the ultimate media communication generalist.

Who doesn’t want options when they graduate? Mount Ida’s Bachelor of Arts Media Communication degree program, offers you a variety of interdisciplinary-focused academic and experiential learning opportunities in web design, business, social media, graphic design, technology foundations, writing for the web and video production. As a Media Communication major, there are numerous career paths you can take.


3) Immerse in ever-changing world of technology in media communication.

You will gain a first-mover advantage upon graduating with hands-on experience using state-of-the art technology and communications platforms. You’ll gain experiential learning in class and in the work place. Mount Ida’s close proximity to Boston will allow you to easily connect to your career interests, offering you many outlets to engage with students, companies and leading industry professionals.

4) Create a personalized degree program experience.

Beyond coursework in the areas of design, art, business and technology foundations, our media communication degree also includes a practicum, valuable internship experiences and senior research writing project, all in focus areas of your choosing.  At Mount Ida, you will learn by doing.

5) Flexible pathways leading to diverse careers.

A degree in Media Communication offers you many flexible pathways and opportunities to advance in a variety of creative industries. From crafting advertising campaigns, graphic design for the web, editing video, social media promotions, to public relations and journalism, you will be equipped with tools and knowledge to move confidently into the career that you desire.

Want to put your design skills to work to be a part of the rapidly growing industries of entertainment, media and technology? Here are the top five reasons you should consider majoring in Digital Visualization at Mount Ida College:

1)      Visualize your future.

Do you see yourself as a future technical artist? Are you eager to gain experience using cutting-edge software as a tool to create 3D models and textures? Mount Ida’s Bachelor of Science Digital Visualization degree program will provide you many opportunities to engage in artistic growth with professional qualifications and necessary experience to enter this thriving field. Visualization companies, interactive firms and design studios are among the top employers who seek digital visualization graduates.

2)      Experience a global center for technology.

While exploring your digital visualization coursework on campus, you will also have the opportunity to learn in Boston’s expanding technology hub, located just minutes from campus. In the Boston-area, we have many of the most influential, innovate and fastest growing companies in the world allowing you a vast array of opportunities for gaining real-world experience through internship experiences.


3)      Obtain a true interdisciplinary digital visualization degree.

In our Digital Visualization degree program you will be provided the background and skills necessary to provide visual solutions for both the physical and virtual worlds.  Throughout your time here, you will be focused on the power of communication through animation and visual media.  A strong academic foundation in contemporary art, digital animation and visualization, will create the necessary foundation for a variety of creative, in-demand careers.

4)      Create an industry-worthy portfolio.

Showcase your talents in developing technically accurate and visually engaging graphics and animation in your personal, career-ready portfolio. Your skills and abilities learned through our coursework focused in 3D modeling, special effects, digital compositing and 2D animation just to name a few, will be displayed to industry professionals seeking out new talent.

5)      Choose from our specialized visualization concentrations.

From learning how to develop photorealistic renderings of architecture to an animation explaining the electrical synapse in the brain, Mount Ida’s digital visualization program prepares you for a successful launch into the growing architectural, medical and legal visualization industries. In addition to completing 18 industry-focused digital animation and visualization courses, you will choose from one of the following concentrations: Architectural visualization, Medical visualization and Legal visualization.