For Christina Gedick, a 2015 graduate of Mount Ida College, the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program in Interior Architecture was a perfect choice.   Christina did her undergraduate work at Mount Ida and was able to take advantage of the 4+1 master’s program, allowing her to complete both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in a total of five years.

Now Christina has put her education to work as a full-time Project Designer at Fusion Design Consultants, Inc. in Boston, designing mainly corporate offices. She has helped with projects including Boston Children’s Hospital, District Management Council, and Westwood Global Investments.


Christina credits her experience at Mount Ida with helping her land her position. “It was ideal in so many ways,” says Christina.  “Taking graduate classes while still an undergrad was a great solution and it meant I could get another degree under my belt while challenging myself, continuing my college experience at Mount Ida and saving a little time and money, too.” Because she was achieving her bachelors and masters at the same time, Christina was able to connect her graduate research to her undergraduate thesis which was an advantage that she had over some of her classmates.

Christina, who had no previous business experience, said the program pushed her to work harder, saying the courses tested her creativity and her mind.  “The classes forced me to think deeper about concepts and certain aspects of design and what I, as a designer, could bring to the table that would be different from the rest of the designers in the industry.”

One of the many things she enjoyed at Mount Ida was taking part in the Enabled by Design-a-thon competition in Washington, D.C.  “It was fun, yet educational and opened my eyes to accessibility and changed my way of thinking about design and how it can be used to accommodate everyone, no matter their ability.” Christina also had the opportunity to take the travel course “Global Design: Analysis of Historic Built environments and Planning for Resilient Communities”, and studied the relation between interior design and resiliency first hand in Czech Republic and Germany. This was a meaningful trip for Christina as it was her first time traveling outside of the United States.

Christina recommends that other designers follow her lead into the MSM program.  “Design isn’t just design, it is a business as well.  Having the business foundation helps you better understand companies and their processes no matter what field of design you go into. I wanted to have an additional business degree to take with me into the design industry, and the 4+1 program was the perfect way to do it.” Christina feels that the business knowledge she gained in the graduate program combined with her interior design background has ultimately made her a well-rounded designer.

In May 2015, nine students enrolled in Mount Ida’s Survey of Graphic Design travel course traveled to London to experience the city’s vibrant design scene and rich art history. Survey of Graphic  Design is  multi-disciplinary semester-long course that encompasses interior design, graphic arts, video communications,  architecture, graffiti, street art and photography, and culminates in a seven-day tour of London.

The students, along with their faculty leaders, Jim Fitts and Alison Poor-Donahue, saw works of art by world-famous London artists, including Banksy and Warhol, and learned about how cultural differences between East and West London inform the art and design of the city. Below are photos of the trip taken by Graphic Design Senior and Santander Scholar Anthony Ricketts.

The façade of a building the students passed on their way to Westminster Abbey offers a perfect example of London’s classical architecture.

A snapshot of the  face of a building hundreds of years old on our way to Westminster abbey_2


After a healthy Italian lunch, the students took their first trip to the iconic London Bridge.

After a healthy Italian lunch we embark on our first trip to the world renowned London Bridge_3


Tyler Wood, Olivia Varesi Johnson, and Jim Fitts enjoying their visit to the Royal Naval College.

Tyler Wood, Oliva Varesi Johnson and Jim Fitts enjoying their visit within the Royal Naval College


Look up and you will see this on the ceiling of the Royal Naval College.

Look up and you will see this on the ceiling of the Royal Naval College


Looking at the Big Ben from atop Saint Paul’s Cathedral after climbing over 500 steps.

Looking at the Big Ben from atop St Paul’s Cathedral after climbing over 500 steps.


London seen from the Greenwich Observatory.

London city seen from the Greenwich Observatory


The students felt their hearts race as they gazed over the city from the highest point of the London Eye.

One of the most heart racing moments of the trip was looking over the city on the highest peak of the London eye


The doors to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Anthony says this is the most beautiful building the group toured.

The Door to St Paul's Cathedral. This was the most beautiful buidling we visited.

This trip was made possible, in part, by Santander Universities. To learn more about the Mount Ida College School of Design, click here.

May 2015-

In 2014,  Mount Ida introduced our newest tradition: The Faculty and Staff Service Awards Program. This annual event recognizes the value of employee contributions to our goals and mission and celebrates service to the institution.


Hosted by the Office of Human Resources, the service awards event recognizes employees who have achieved length of service milestones in the previous calendar year and honors those employees celebrating significant milestones in their service to the college. This year, we combined our Service Awards Program with our End-of-Year BBQ, allowing members of our community to gather to celebrate the successes of the academic year and to acknowledge and honor the following faculty and staff for their dedication, achievements and distinguished years of service to Mount Ida College:

Five Years of Service

Jen Golojuch, Student Affairs
Leah Lipschitz, Athletics
Mark Piscitelli, Instructional Technology & Learning Resources
Julie Skolds, Registrar’s Office

Ten Years of Service

Roberta Teneyck, Veterinary Science & Technology

Fifteen Years of Service

Clemencia Aramburo, Instructional Technology & Learning Resources
Steve Bedard, Technology Services
Carol Goslant, Student Transition & Retention Services
Professor Kim Karolides, Veterinary Science & Technology
Professor Robin Matloff, Dental Hygiene
Lisa Murphy, Dental Hygiene

Twenty Years of Service

Professor Ellen Goldberger, History & Interdisciplinary Studies

Twenty Five Years of Service

Steve D’Arcy, Conference & Event Services

Thirty Years of Service

Professor Madeleine Cousineau, Social Sciences

Thirty Five Years of Service

Professor Jim Martin, Humanities & English