Mount Ida Design Week is a chance for you and fellow rising junior and senior high school students to get inspired and informed about different career paths in design. Regardless of your design experience, we want you to dive in, explore and enjoy the residential experience of our beautiful New England campus.



Get inspired and informed about career paths in design

Design Week is a fun and focused way to discover if a career in design might be in your future. You will participate in studio classes that will take your design know-how to new levels and meet like-minded peers who enjoy and appreciate design. As importantly, you will design your very own portfolio that you can take home with you. In addition, Design Week offers you opportunities to:

  • Use state-of-the-art technology
  • Get hands-on studio experience
  • Work with leading design instructors
  • Experience campus life with new friends

Choose one workshop you like best

Our School of Design is pulling out all the stops to present you with awesome design workshops, led by our industry-experienced professors. Choose from one of these six workshops and pursue your passion for design:

  • Animation, Game Art & Digital Visualization: Our robust program is a real tour de force in 3D computer graphics. In just one week, you’ll gain foundational understanding in game design, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering. Every step of the way will be guided by industry-experienced instructors, who will also show you how to compose your seven-day experience into a killer portfolio.
  • Commercial Photography: A chance to discover the exciting world of commercial photography through the lens of Mount Ida’s industry seasoned faculty. Learn the ins and outs of the digital camera and how to get amazing results from your work.
  • Fashion Design: The Fashion Design Program at Mount Ida’s School of Design gives aspiring designers a chance to hone their talents with gifted professors who work in the field.  Learn fashion design from the ground up, by using art, fashion design basics, pattern techniques, and presentation skills to cultivate your passion.
  • Fashion Merchandising and Marketing: Are you always ahead of the latest fashion trends?  Take a peek into the exciting world of fashion merchandising. Students will explore the planning, buying, and marketing elements of the fashion industry. Workshop topics will include retailing, buying, fashion history, visual merchandising and consumer behavior.
  • Graphic Design: Interested in developing your skills and creativity through our hands-on experiences? This is a chance for young artists and designers to come together and explore the world of design. Students will engage in a variety of creative problem-solving assignments and through critiques and practice will develop design fluency in several areas of graphic design.
  • Interior Design: When you are in a room, do you notice what works and what you might want to change? Do you like to design or redesign your room? Are you a creative and artistic person?If you answered yes to some of these questions than our interior design program is the right fit for you

#MountIda #DesignYourSummer

Out of the design studio, you and your fellow high school designers will enjoy all that a private New England college campus has to offer: a picturesque 72-acre suburban college campus in the beautiful and safe community of Newton, Massachusetts.  With many of our college students home for the summer, as a Summer Design Week participant, you will get a taste of college in a relaxed and fun environment, living in the residence halls with professional staff, enjoying meals in the dining commons, and exploring our new campus center.

Before you arrive, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We will be posting news and information about the program before, during and after Design Week using the hashtags: #MountIda #DesignYourSummer.

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Affordable and convenient location

Mount Ida Design Week, from July 25- August 1, 2015, is a great opportunity and value.

Regular Registration (full payment received by June 15): $800

Late Registration: $950

This all inclusive fee covers everything—workshops, studio time, meals and housing. This one week only program has limited capacity.

Getting to our Newton Centre campus is easy. Check out the driving directions, including easy public transportation options, in addition to our campus map.

Contact us and registration

If you have questions or would like to learn more, contact Marie Bury of Admissions at (617) 928-4506 or Hope to see you this summer!


Alison Koning is a Women’s LaCrosse coach, the Assistant to the Athletic Director at Mount Ida College and the holder of two degrees that have positioned her not only for her coaching job, but as a role model the young women who come to campus with talent, a competitive edge and a desire to succeed.



Alison studied sport management as a Mount Ida undergrad, with a concentration in marketing and communication and sports became a major part of her campus experience.  “I loved Mount Ida, the classes, the instructors and being on the team.   And when I found out that I could, in an additional year, earn my Master of Science in Management (MSM), I jumped at the chance.”

Alison enrolled in the MSM in Sport Leadership, taking classes that expanded her knowledge into not only the world of sports, but business as well.  “I always knew I wanted to be involved in sports in my career.  With my master’s degree, I feel prepared to work toward an administrative role as well as to coach.”

The courses on the master’s level were challenging and much to Alison’s delight, different from those on the undergrad level.  “Even if some of the professors were the same, the content was fresh.  I never felt as if I’d already done it. “

Alison also had the opportunity to intern for a youth soccer league and to spend time with the Special Olympics of Massachusetts. “I did event planning and ran tournaments.  It was a big learning curve, but it helped me learn the administrative side of the sports industry.”

Getting her MSM was a sound choice.  “It boosts my resume and is opening doors. And because I was able to complete my two degrees in five years, it saved me time and money – not bad things at all.”

Iman Kelly McPherson, a 9th-grader at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, has a keen interest in fashion. When an assignment came up in her Digital Photography class to do a photo essay on a chosen topic, Iman wanted to focus on the fashion design process.  “I am really interested in fashion—I shop (!), but I wanted to understand the origins of the clothes I buy.”

Iman says that she could have chosen to visit a company, but that she didn’t want to learn just about fashion production—she wanted to be walked through the steps of how a designer would get started with a creative idea and develop it. She wanted to explore the process at a “place of learning,” so she chose the Fashion Design Program at Mount Ida College, where she already knew Professor Earl Battle, Chair of the Fashion Design Program at the School of Design. “Earl is very friendly, and I knew he would be open to helping me with my project.”

The following are some of the photographs Iman took at the School of Design which she will be using for her photo essay, with commentary in her own words.

Mood Board

“This is the beginning of the design process. Before you start making your own design, you put together other people’s creations to serve as the inspiration for your own.”


Fabric Rolls/Office of a Fashion Design Professor

“I took this picture because it is disorganized, but interesting. I see it as representative of a step in the creative process of fashion design.”



“Mannequins say something about what and who the designs are for—people. I like the different sizes of the mannequins, the idea that fashion encompasses different kinds of people and different styles.”


Shell Dress

“I really liked the creativity of this piece. I was impressed that the designer used two materials that one would not normally put together and use for a fashion piece (hot glue and shells), and made something beautiful.”


Finishing Touches

“Professor Battle showing me how to finish off a design.”


Iman explained what she learned from this exercise in the fashion design process:

 “I learned that it takes a lot of work and many steps to make a single fashion garment. Also, if you don’t get it right on the first try, you have to go back and revise the design—you have to be very creative and have a lot of patience. This exercise made me appreciate my clothes more, and to see them not just as a form of style, but as an art.”