Mount Ida College is pleased to invite you to our Fall College Open House on October 29, 2016. The event, which includes campus and residence hall tours, faculty presentations, is a great way to experience campus, meet professors and see if Mount Ida is the right fit for you. Reserve your spot for Fall Open House here.


Why Mount Ida?

Success happens here. Founded in 1899, Mount Ida is a small, private college in Newton, Massachusetts. We offer career-focused programs built upon a strong foundation of social sciences, humanities and the arts—all to prepare our students for achievement in their chosen careers, and in life.

With a tight-knit community, a diverse student body, winning NCAA Division III athletics teams, a beautiful and safe suburban campus near Boston, and a vibrant school spirit, Mount Ida is the place where you can become the best version of yourself.

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The Mount Ida College Alumni Association kicked off this year’s Fall Fest with the annual Alumni Awards celebration. This year we recognized outstanding alumni for their volunteerism, leadership and achievements. This year’s recipients included:


Ann Poley Hewitt ‘58, Distinguished Alumni Award -picture with family and President Brown

Stacey Dorsey

Stacey Dorsey, ’99 was presented the Alumni Service Award by Maureeen Malavase ’99/’01


The celebration also included the induction into the College’s Athletic Hall of Fame for:

 Brett Conley ’09, pictured with family and President Brown
Brett Conley ’09, pictured with family and President Brown

Kristin Santos ’08, pictured with family and President Brown

Kristin Santos ’08, pictured with family and President Brown


Laura McCarthy, faculty member in Fashion Design at Mount Ida College got the call of a lifetime this summer, when she was invited by fellow New Hampshire designer Harry Umen to accompany him to Rio to participate in the Moda-Couture fashion show at the Summer Olympics.


Photos by Charlie Lemay

Umen, who is known for combining couture with technology found himself in a bind, when his collaborators were unable to participate in the upcoming show.  With only two-and-a-half weeks to put together 12 looks, he reached out to McCarthy, who he had never met.

Umen, an abstract photographer and digital artist, turned his photos into prints, then McCarthy, who specializes in the shape and the drape of the fabric, took the geometric designs and worked non-stop to turn the prints into garments.

“Going to Brazil was an amazing experience,” says McCarthy.  “Participating in this project has been and continues to be a fantastic opportunity for me as a designer to explore working collaboratively with other artists to express a point of view which is more than just mine alone. As I like to tell my students, there is no better way to learn and grow than to immerse yourself in something new and unfamiliar – it forces you to really open your eyes and see things from a different perspective.”

NPR followed their adventure in this piece produced by the New England News Collaborative.

And their collection received rave reviews – and is now showing on runways in New York, San Francisco and Boston – and in this piece produced by New Hampshire’s WMUR TV.