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Sarah Stopyra


Funeral Service Education
School of Applied Sciences

(617) 928-4762


A.S., Funeral Service, Funeral Institute of the Northeast

B.A. Framingham State University

Currently pursuing M.Ed., Framingham State University


With more than a decade of experience in funeral service in the capacities of funeral director, embalmer and insurance agent conducting pre-need sales, Instructor Stopyra brings her passion for her work to her students. As one of the first licensed female funeral directors without family ties to funeral service in her area, she feels fortunate to have had the ability to work autonomously, gain practical, hands on experience in most every aspect of the field.

“I am a funeral director because it is what I love. I am teacher because it is my passion. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to get to do what I do. The opportunity to pass along my passion for this industry to my students is something I have always dreamed of doing. I feel I am doing as much, if not more for my industry in this position by helping to cultivate compassion, humility and knowledge in future funeral professionals.”

Stopyra finds it an exciting time for her vocation. “Every day I am discovering a new service offering, a new way of doing something or a new product that can enhance the way we serve families. I challenge my students every day to embrace these changes as opportunities.”

In 2015, she was one of 50 funeral directors nationwide selected to participate in the National Funeral Directors Association’s “Meet the Mentors” program, supported by the Funeral Service Foundation.

Instructor Stopyra is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She is certified by both the National Funeral Directors Association and the Crematory Association of North America as a Crematory Operator and Provide and is a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner and a Certified Preplanning Consultant.

Stopyra currently teaches Funeral Service Pathology, Funeral Service Merchandising and Management, Social Foundations of Funeral Service, Restorative Art and Funeral Directing I and II.

“I would advise anyone wanting to enter the field of funeral service to be sure you are doing so because you simply can’t see yourself doing anything else.   Many people go through the motions to become a funeral director, whether they think it’s something unique to try out or their family connection is pushing them in that direction. To truly BE a funeral director, however, can only come from the heart.”