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Michelle Wilson

Assistant Professor
Department Chair, Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Science & Humanities

(617) 928-7361


Ph.D., Developmental and Health Psychology, Florida International University

M.S., and B.S., Psychology, Florida International University

American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, Gerontological Society of America


Psychology Professor Michelle Barreto Wilson’s innovative research on gerontology has been published in peer-reviewed journals and her prowess as an educator has been recognized with numerous teaching awards. At Mount Ida, Wilson fosters a lively classroom environment that promotes essential skills for success in college and in the workplace. “Mount Ida’s Psychology program offers students a myriad of opportunities, from human resources to marketing to counseling. Students can apply their psychological mindset to a wide variety of applications after graduation,” she notes.

For Wilson, the biggest reward in teaching is witnessing growth in her students. “From freshman to seniors, I enjoy teaching students how to evolve into self-aware critical thinkers with defined goals.”

Her courses include Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Adult Development and Aging, Senior Seminar on Developmental Pathways, and Senior Thesis.