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Denise Tetreault

Department Chair
Assistant Professor

Dental Hygiene
School of Applied Sciences

(617) 928-7344


M.Ed., Cambridge College

B.B.M., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

A.S., Bristol Community College


The integration of technology into patient education and helping patients of diverse background, helping them to understand how oral health is related to overall health, says Professor Tetreault, is one of the most significant and exciting aspects of the industry.

“By having worked in various dental settings, I provide an overall view of how each specialty affects the overall health of a patient’s dentition. I encourage my students to spend time in various dental settings to know that this is indeed what they want to do, and to get a feel for the different specialties from public health and pediatric dentistry to oral and periodontal surgery.”

Professor Tetreault derives the most satisfaction from seeing the light turn on in someone’s eyes when they understand a difficult concept or when they feel the satisfaction of learning a difficult skill.

Professor Tetreault’s career highlights include being named Dental Hygienist of the Year (2006- Southeastern Massachusetts Dental Hygiene Association) and speaking to a group of former students in continuing education classes in local anesthesia.

She is a Registered Dental Hygienist and holds a Local Anesthesia Permit L, and CPR certification and is a member of the American Dental Hygienists Association, the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists Association, Southeastern Massachusetts Dental Hygienists Association, American Dental Education Association.

Tetreault teaches Local Anesthesia, Head/Neck Anatomy, Dental Anatomy and Advanced Instrumentation and supervises the Second Year Dental Hygiene Clinic.