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Event set-up form for faculty & staff

Please use this form to submit Event Set-Up details after your Room Reservation Request Form has been confirmed.  The Conference and Events Office will confirm your reservation. We require that you submit this form at least, one week prior to small events or two weeks prior for larger events.

*If your form is not submitted within this time frame we may not be able to accommodate your needs.

Please contact the Conference and Events Office for consultation.  X4576.  *you can track that your event set-up form has been processed by opening the “Mount Ida Event Planning” calendar within Shared Calendars.  By clicking on your event you can view your requests. If this event requires support from Aramark (catering, linens or alcohol), please be sure to confirm with catering by placing your order online here or calling x4584.

Event Set-Up Form 

(The Conferences and Events Office will determine the set-up time needed).

If yes, please confirm with catering by filling out an on online form at http://mountida.campusdish.com/Catering/OrderNow.aspx or calling x4584.

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