Longfellow Preschool is an interactive and collaborative union comprised of children, teachers, parents and the Mount Ida community. Home and school collaboration is an important component of the total education of a young child. The Longfellow teachers respect parents as each child’s first teacher and they work closely with parents and value their involvement. An open door policy prevails at Longfellow Preschool.


Parents are always welcome to join the children’s preschool day –sharing a story, a recipe, a holiday tradition or participating in curriculum planning. The Parent Planning Committee, a volunteer group of parents interested in organizing activities that build and support the Longfellow community, is formed each year. Parental support is valued, from organizing community service projects, volunteering for a classroom activity or supporting a fundraising endeavor. Through parents, grandparents and other family members, we widen our world and foster an appreciation for the diverse cultures that our children will experience.

“The school should be an amiable environment, a place where teachers, children and parents feel at ease.” – Loris Malaguzzi & Reggio Emilia