Design Week at Mount Ida: July 24 – July 30, 2016

Mount Ida Design Week, from July 24 – July 30, 2016, is a chance for you and fellow rising junior and senior high school students to get inspired and informed about different career paths in design. Regardless of your design experience, we want you to dive in, explore and enjoy the residential experience of our beautiful New England campus.


Get inspired and informed about career paths in design

Design Week is a fun and focused way to discover if a career in design might be in your future. You will participate in studio classes that will take your design know-how to new levels and meet like-minded peers who enjoy and appreciate design. As importantly, you will design your very own portfolio that you can take home with you. In addition, Design Week offers you opportunities to:

  • Use state-of-the-art technology
  • Get hands-on studio experience
  • Work with leading design instructors
  • Experience campus life with new friends

Choose one workshop you like best

Our School of Design is pulling out all the stops to present you with awesome design workshops, led by our industry-experienced professors. Choose from one of these workshops and pursue your passion for design:

  • Animation: Fascinated by motion? Drawn to the character performances in the latest animated feature? Then you’ll be right at home in Design Week’s Animation program! During the week, you will learn how to work with Maya, one of the industry’s most prominent software packages. Additionally, you’ll discover how to apply classical techniques into modern computer animation, and work with professional-level character rigs as you hone your skill. And, you’ll gain insight into how 3D models are optimized for best animation performance. If you’re ready to bring your own animated characters to life, the Animation program is for you!
  • Game Art: Looking to turn your passion for playing games into a passion for developing them? Then the Game Art program is right up your alley! Throughout the week, you’ll learn how to work with cutting edge game engines, like Unreal 4.  You’ll also learn how to develop and implement assets for your own games. Additionally, you’ll gain an understanding of how to create compelling interactive experiences for players. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of game development, don’t miss Game Art during design week!
  • Commercial Photography: As a Commercial Photography student, you will immerse yourself into the digital workflow, developing your artistic and technical skills in photography. Students will experience working in our studio with the latest equipment in the industry today. Classes will consist of problem-solving assignments that will allow them to grasp camera techniques, lighting methods, and the use of the leading software, Adobe Photoshop, for enhancing and refining your images. Students will create many supplementary professionally printed pieces for their portfolio for application submission.
  • Fashion Industry Marketing & Management: The Fashion Industry Marketing & Management Design Week program at Mount Ida College delivers an exciting fashion industry curriculum that provides aspiring fashion students and future fashion professionals with a hands-on look at the vibrant fashion industry.  Students gain a multifaceted foundation in fashion, from learning basic fashion fundamentals to fashion forecasting, from visual merchandising to fashion entrepreneurship. Design Week students leave the Fashion Industry Marketing & Management (FIMM) program with a broad understanding of fashion industry dynamics and new perspectives for thinking about fashion as a career and/or field of study in the future.  Additionally, FIMM students depart from Design Week with relevant fashion industry exposure, an expanded network of local fashion professionals, experience solving real-world fashion industry problems, and completed works to add to or begin a portfolio.
  • Fashion Design: Mount Ida College’s Design Week program in Fashion Design introduces students to the exciting world of fashion design.  Students learn not only about classic design principles and basic technique, but about what it takes to create the most cutting-edge styles as well.  Students learn to develop a signature style and look and to communicate their design vision as well as technical skills, such as understanding pattern making, draping, and sewing. Fashion Design students benefit from practical hands-on instruction from accomplished instructors as well as from local fashion industry exposure.  Most notably, Design Week students leave the Fashion Design program with a foundation in fashion design fundamentals, having worked one-on-one with experienced fashion designers, and with completed works to add to or begin a portfolio.
  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design classes will be taught in the Mount Ida College Apple Mac lab where students will have the opportunity to work with the latest industry equipment. Students will focus on using the two primary graphic design software programs, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Each day the students will be given problem-solving assignments that allow them to use their creative talents while they learn new approaches to graphic design and utilize the latest software techniques. Students will incorporate photography, illustration, typography and color theory in their projects. During class, students will experience critique sessions centered on their finished assignments. At the end of the week, students will have created and professionally printed several pieces of portfolio-ready graphic design and illustration.
  • Interior Design: When you are in a room, do you notice what works and what you might want to change? Do you like to design or redesign your room? Are you a creative and artistic person? If you answered yes to some of these questions than our interior design program is the right fit for you.

8/1/15 Mount Ida College - One week Summer Arts Program. 2015-08-01_MTIDASUMMART_025.nef - Photograph By Kalman Zabarsky

#MountIda #DesignYourSummer

Out of the design studio, you and your fellow high school designers will enjoy all that a private New England college campus has to offer: a picturesque 72-acre suburban college campus in the beautiful and safe community of Newton, Massachusetts.  With many of our college students home for the summer, as a Summer Design Week participant, you will get a taste of college in a relaxed and fun environment, living in the residence halls with professional staff, enjoying meals in the dining commons, and exploring our new campus center.

Before you arrive, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We will be posting news and information about the program before, during and after Design Week using the hashtags: #MountIda #DesignYourSummer.

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Affordable and convenient location

Mount Ida Design Week, from July 24 – July 30, 2016, is a great opportunity and value.

Registration: $950 – but you can enjoy $100 off if you register before May 15!

This all inclusive fee covers everything—workshops, studio time, meals and housing. This one week only program has limited capacity.

Getting to our Newton Centre campus is easy. Check out the driving directions, including easy public transportation options, in addition to our campus map.