Residence halls

Our residential campus, nestled in Newton, Massachusetts, just minutes from Boston, is the perfect place to live and study during your college career. We offer a number of residence options on campus.

Our on campus rooms include free wireless internet and cable television, and mostly free laundry rooms (we charge a nominal fee for hot and warm water, keeping our community more sustainable).

Here is a brief description of your housing options:

Wingate Hall

Home to approximately 300 students, Wingate Hall is four stories, offering single gender and co-ed floors.With lounges on first and third floors, you and your friends have convenient space for study groups, socializing and residence hall programs. You can get your laundry done on either the basement, second or third floors. In addition, CONNECT, our first year student living learning community, is located in Wingate Hall. We have eight resident assistants at Wingate; two resident assistants per floor. Two residence life staff members also live in Wingate Hall.

Brown Hall

Brown Hall houses approximately 65 Mount Ida Students. All of the floors in Brown are single gender, and the second and third floors are also Academic Intensive, which means that they have 24 hour quiet hours. Brown’s laundry room is in the Chapman Hall, next door. We have three resident assistants living at Brown, one on each floor.

Chapman Hall

Chapman Hall is co-ed residence hall and home to approximately 40 students. You can hang out to study or socialize in our large lounge located in the basement, which also is the home to Chapman’s laundry room. We have two resident assistants staffed at Chapman.

Malloy Hall

Our newly renovated Malloy Hall, the college’s largest residence hall, houses approximately 320 students. New amenities include new student common living and learning areas, including a student lounge and café. Malloy offers both single rooms and suite-style living in double or triple rooms for groups of 12 students who share private bathrooms. Suites are single gender, co-ed and gender neutral, depending on location. You can spend time with friends in our common area lounges on every floor and do your laundry in our super-large laundry facility on the first floor. Malloy also offers living learning communities, including WISE (Women in Science Experience), Design and LAMBDA (gender-neutral). There are nine resident assistants in Malloy, in addition to three staff in residence apartments. These living learning communities are designated as having enhanced quiet hours. Enhanced quiet hours take place 24 hours a day Sunday-Thursday and from 9:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

New Hall

Built in 2008, New Hall houses 133 upperclassmen and features a “pod” design. Each of the pods has three floors with each floor having a small, co-ed community of 22 students who live in different types and sizes of rooms surrounding a common bath area. Ample lounge space is located throughout the building, as well as three common area kitchens, and a laundry room in the basement. There are two common area bathrooms in each pod. New Hall also offers an Academic Intensive pod with 24 hour quiet hours on the third floor. Three resident assistants staff New Hall, one per floor, in addition to two residence life professional staff members.