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Associated Student Government (ASG)

Voice of the Student Body

ASG works openly with students and the Mount Ida College administration to create positive change. Be part of the voice of the students!

Mount Ida’s Associated Student Government (ASG) is an important voice for all students on campus.  The Executive Officers of the ASG include the President, Executive Vice President, and Vice Presidents for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, who are  elected by the student body. They represent student interests on committees, set policy for the oversight of recognized clubs, administer the ASG budget, listen to  student concerns and make formal policy recommendations to the administration.

All students are ad-hoc members of ASG and are welcome to attend the weekly meetings run by the Executive Officers. If you’re interested in learning more about the ASG or you wish to have an item added to the agenda, please call (617) 928-4022 or email asg@mountida.edu.

2017-2018 ASG Executive Board

  • President-Mackenzie Bumpus
  • Executive Vice President -Zoe Baicher
  • Vice President of Student Affairs- Sarah McLaughlin
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs- Matthew Jameson
  • Residential Chair- Haley Hastings
  • Commuter Chair- Tainary Santana Reyes
  • Athletic Chair- John Green
  • Allocations Chair- Jenna Perez
  • Marketing Chair- Melissa Mello

Tell ASG

As an advocate for Mount Ida students, it is important for you to share your positive and critical feedback with ASG.  Use the Tell ASG Form to share your feedback with ASG, which will be compiled and shared with Mount Ida College senior administrators.  Since you will need to log-in to MiCampus, you will not be able to submit anonymous feedback for ASG to consider; however, your feedback can be shared anonymously with senior administrators.

Mighty Creed

In 2015, the Associated Student Government unveiled the “I am Mighty” code, to identify the values associated with being a member of a community that is based on civility and respect as well as  provide common language around shared values.  These values include:
Accepting: Embracing others’ differences and respecting each other’s life experiences.

Principled: Acting with Integrity and adhering to personal and community values to enhance Mustang City.

Accountable: Taking responsibility for your actions while holding yourself and others to community expectations.

Courageous: Taking risks, even in the face of adversity, to exceed our potential.

Unstoppable: Steadfast commitment and resilience in pursuit of success.

ASG is driven to embed the values of the Mighty Creed into the work of the student government and in its programs and services that support students.  If you have suggestions on ways to promote the Mighty Creed, contact the ASG at asg@mountida.edu.


The Mighty Creed Values

Monthly Mighty Creed Awards

Monthly the ASG i presents the Monthly Mighty Creed Awards. The honorees are students, faculty or staff who have advanced the spirit of the Mighty Creed through their work or other deeds. Nominations for these awards are due the 7th of the month for the preceding month.

Award recipients will be recognized with a Mighty Creed Paperweight and have their Mighty accomplishments shared with the Mount Ida community.  In addition, all nominations will be compiled for the annual Golden Horseshoe Awards and all nominees will be recognized for their accomplishments during the ceremony.