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Health Form and Immunization Record Requirements

All incoming students who are full-time, part-time Dental Hygiene, or are attending the College on any kind of visa must submit required health information, including a verified record of all required immunizations. Required immunizations are as follows:

  • Hepatitis B
    – 3 doses (There must be at least 4 weeks between doses #1 and #2, at least 8 weeks between doses #2 and #3, and at least 16 weeks between doses #1 and #3), OR
    -Laboratory proof of immunity
  • Meningococcal
    -1 dose of MenACWY given at age 16 or older, OR
    -signed Meningococcal waiver
  • MMR
    -2 doses (1st dose must be given after 1st birthday, there must be at least 4 weeks between doses #1 and #2), OR
    -Date of birth before 1957, OR
    -Laboratory proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella
  • Tdap
    -1 dose in the past ten years
  • Varicella
    -2 doses (There must be at least 4 weeks between doses #1 and #2), OR
    -Date of birth before 1980, OR
    -Laboratory proof of immunity, OR
    -Documented history of chicken pox
  • Rabies (required for Veterinary Technician/Veterinary Technology students,
    may be fulfilled during fall semester)
    -3 doses (There must be at least 7 days between doses #1 and #2 and
    at least 21 days between doses #1 and #3)
  • PPD skin test (required for Dental Hygiene students only)
    -Documented negative test result

Students must also complete these required forms:

  • Student Health History Form
  • TB Screening Questionnaire
  • Consent for Treatment at the Center for Wellness Services

Students 18 or older must complete these required forms online in the Patient Portal. Students under 18 must print the forms from the portal and upload the completed forms with a signature from their parent/guardian.

You can find information about all health information requirements and instructions for submitting your information by visiting the Mount Ida Patient Portal. Please watch our video tutorial with instructions on how to utilize the patient portal. Note that all information MUST be submitted via the Patient Portal. Other submissions will not be accepted.

Students planning to enroll beginning in the Fall 2018 semester need to be sure to submit all required information by July 2nd, 2018 . Students with incomplete or missing records will be subject to account holds and will not be able to move into campus housing or receive their student ID card.

If you have questions about the requirements or about the Patient Portal, please contact the Center for Wellness Services at 617-928-4599 or health@mountida.edu.