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Enhance Your Courses

Service Learning

Expand upon a favorite class with hands-on work, get involved with a non-profit, charitable organization, and help build professional skills.

Photo of student speaking from Boston Cares

Steps for students who are interested:

  1. Talk with your faculty advisor about the possibility.
  2. Talk with the professor of the course you would like to use as a “host course.”
  3. Contact Gregg Grenier for information about service opportunities.

Steps for faculty who are interested:

  1. Contact Gregg Grenier, Director of Community Engagement, for information about logistics of the service and community partners aspects of the experience.
  2. Contact Heather Gilmour, Executive Director for Community Engagement and Assistant Professor of Sport Management, for information about the one-credit Service-Learning option and how to tie the course to your existing “host” course.

Student Course Requirements:

  • Complete 1-2 hours of service per week during the semester.
  • Complete a journal of experience every two weeks.
  • Submit 5 page paper at the end of the semester.
  • Present to Mount Ida community about the Service-Learning experience.

Faculty Course Requirements:

  • Monitor student progress through grading the journal every two weeks.
  • Assess students’ achievement of learning outcomes for the HOST course through the final paper and presentation.
  • Submit a final grade for the Service-Learning course that is separate from the host course grade.