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The Center for Community Engagement

Faculty Involvement

Learn more about the Faculty Fellows, Community Engagement Grants, and Service Learning.

Service Learning Courses

This one-credit service-learning course can be added to a pre-existing host course, with prior faculty approval, for the completion of 1-2 hours per week of service at a non-profit agency. The course provides an opportunity for students to tie the meaningful service within the community directly to the host course learning objectives. Students can register for up to three service-learning credit options throughout their time at Mount Ida, and must successfully complete the requirements of the host course in order to earn a grade for the service-learning credit. Service-learning credits can be applied as open electives towards the 120 credit graduation requirement.

Community Engagement Grants

The Center also sponsors Faculty Grants for Community Engagement, which provide support and resources for selected faculty to revise a course in one semester to include some community engagement work. The faculty grants are awarded each year and are open to all faculty, both full-time and part-time. For information about the faculty grant program.

Faculty Fellows

Service-Learning and Community Engagement are both important pieces of our students’ educational experience here at Mount Ida College. The Faculty Fellows program was created to recognize and support the work of our faculty as they develop experiential learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, that are tied directly to the curriculum and a social issue to impact change. The Faculty Fellows commit to two years of service-learning integration within their courses, and create a cohort of resident service-learning practitioners who support each other, and well as their fellow faculty. Each Fellow is required to attend a two day workshop at the start of their two-year term, and then stay connected through monthly Fellow’s workshops to provide regular additional support. The Fellows also present their community engagement outcomes to the faculty through the Summer Faculty Institute, and serve as advisors for peers who want to learn more about community engagement.

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Nancy Aldrich

Professor Aldrich worked with the Newton Community Farm in conjunction with her Business Communication course to help provide the non-profit with much needed online communication resources.

Assistant Professor of Interior Design

Stephanie McGoldrick

Professor McGoldrick worked with accessible and institutional design and partner with the United Cerebral Palsy Organization of Metro Boston and the Chesterbrook Community Foundation through a number of her Interior Design courses.