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The Center for Community Engagement

Community Partnerships

Here at Mount Ida College, we strive to become engaged citizens beyond the gates of our campus.

The community projects that Mount Ida students engage in are widespread

Some examples are:

  • Students in the Geography and Regional Planning program working with a local Planning and Zoning Department to prepare recommendations on a long-term transportation study
  • First-year students working with a local high school to assist junior and seniors through the college exploration and application process
  • Graphic design students designing an expansion of a low-income after-school center that will be used in implementation and fundraising efforts
  • Business communications students working with a local nonprofit organization to design and implement donor communication and fundraising templates and processes

We also work with nonprofit organizations that need one-time volunteers for events that are being organized in the Greater Boston area. We post volunteer opportunities on an internal site for Mount Ida students to view and sign-up for.

Student laughing at orientation

Collaborate with Us!

If you would like to recruit one-time volunteers for your event and/or collaborate on a long-term project, please let us know.