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The Mount Ida CARE Team

The mission of the Mount Ida College CARE Team is to evaluate and address student behavior that raises concerns for the health and well-being of a student. CARE will coordinate the resources of the College to intervene and provide necessary supports. CARE will address student behaviors that are disruptive and may include health and well-being and/or safety concerns.


The CARE Team is made up of staff from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Campus Police.  All CARE Team members come with a variety of experience and training from their specific field.

Jen Golojuch
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Stephanie Bragg
Coordinator of Advising and Retention Services

MaryAnne Miller
Dean of Student Success

Zack Irish
Dean of Campus Living

Michelle LeBlanc
Campus Police

Jennifer Granquist
Assistant Director of Counseling Services


The CARE Team evaluates and addresses student behavior that raises a concern for the health and wellbeing of the student and/or community.

Once a concern is shared, the CARE Team will review the information and if needed, coordinate resources, and provide necessary supports.

Examples of when to submit a referral:

If you are unsure about a conversation you were a part of, a behavior you witnessed, something you heard a friend or student say then you should submit a referral and allow the CARE Team to review it.

You may witness one behavior and the CARE Team may be aware of 2 or 3 other behaviors that have been witnessed.  Each piece is helpful in identifying the best way(s) to support a student.

How to submit a referral:

If you are a student and concerned about a friend or classmate, you can submit a referral via care@mountida.edu or by speaking with a member of the CARE Team.

If you are a faculty and/or staff member and are concerned about a student, you can submit a referral via Mapworks, send an email to care@mountida.edu, or contact a member of the CARE Team.

Don’t forget – observations are important!

You may see one piece of a puzzle – CARE may have knowledge of many pieces and the information you share may be helpful in providing the proper support to a student.

Question? Visit our FAQ page for more information.