Student Accounts

Open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Office of Student Financial Services at Mount Ida College maintains your college financial records. Our helpful and informative staff oversees tuition and fees, billing statements, tuition payments and application of financial aid toward your student account.

Students can view their financial records anytime by logging into their MiWeb account and clicking the Finances tab.

Tuition Payment Deadlines:

  • July 1 – Fall semester payments are due
  • January 1 – Spring semester payments are due

Monthly Billing Statements are E-mailed to your Mount Ida E-mail Address:

Each month, the Office of Student Financial Services will e-mail a billing reminder to your Mount Ida email. Any payments noted on your billing statement are due by the date indicated on your billing statement.

Making Payments through the Office of Student Financial Services:

You can choose from several payment options:

  1. Mail a check, payable to Mount Ida College, directly to the Office of Student Financial Services.
  2. Pay by phone with a Mastercard, Visa or Discover card – (617) 928-4750
  3. Wire your tuition payment to Mount Ida College. Please call (617) 928-4750 to request wire instructions.
  4. Pay by credit card or e-check through the Nelnet Quickpay Systems.
  5. Make a payment by cash, check or credit card in person at the Office of Student Financial Services.
  6. Make monthly payments, after signing up for a payment plan through Tuition Management Systems.

Parents and Guardians: If you would like access to details on your student’s account, please have your student file the proper privacy exemption paperwork.

  • Students can create an Authorized Payer, someone that is authorized to make payments against an account (for example a Parent, Guardian, Aunt, Uncle, etc.).
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s education, financial and academic records. For the student’s protection, FERPA limits release of student record information without the student’s explicit written consent. If the student would like the Office of Student Financial Services to share financial information (billing, financial aid application and award records) with a person other than themselves, the student can complete a FERPA release form with the Registrar’s Office.

Billing Dispute Policy: If you believe your billing statement contains an error, or you wish to dispute any item contained on it, please review the Billing Dispute Policy.

Credit Balance Authorization Form: If you wish to authorize Mount Ida College to retain excess funds to pay any charges that might be assessed to your account, please submit a Credit Balance Authorization Form to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Good Financial Standing: All tuition and fees are payable on the date specified prior to the opening of each semester. Students may not check in at the start of the semester or depart for Mount Ida College sponsored study abroad/exchange programs until all outstanding financial matters have been resolved. Any individual who fails to settle all outstanding balances may not register, attend classes, de­part for or participate in a Mount Ida College sponsored study abroad/ex­change programs, participate in student activities, be provided transcript service, receive grade reports, or be granted a degree. The student is responsible for any costs incurred by the College in collecting past due balances. Stu­dents must be in Good Financial Standing in order to par­ticipate in all Mount Ida College programs and activities included but not limited to participation as a resident assis­tant and student government leader. To be in Good Financial Standing, a student must have settled their student account for all charges currently due. A student’s account is considered “settled” when it is either paid or cov­ered by one of the following:

  •  Anticipated Financial Aid, including alternative loans, with no outstanding paperwork or other issues remaining. Funds must be approved by the lender to be disbursed directly to the College at a specific future date.
  • A current and up-to-date payment plan established through Mount Ida College’s third- party servicer, Tuition Management Systems (TMS), which allows payments to be spread over the course of the academic year.

Students may view their balance by logging into their Miweb account.

STOP – Appeal Form:  If you believe there are extenuating circumstances, beyond your control, that have prevented you from making your payment on time, please complete the STOP – Appeal Form and email it to or mail it to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Tuition and Fees: Review full details on Mount Ida tuition and fees, including housing, meal plans and other required deposits and fees online.