Campus resources

Part of maintaining Mount Ida College’s supportive, close-knit community is providing you access to a variety of student resources that can enrich your college experience. You truly can transform yourself during your time as a student here. To help you reach your full potential, we encourage you to explore and use our student resources and services anytime you need additional help, information or connections on campus.


For example, Mount Ida’s team of healthcare professionals provide a variety of health services through our Student Health Services. While you are a student here, you have access to free, confidential health and wellness care, regardless of the kind of health insurance you have. Our health professionals also provide leadership and campus-wide programs on a variety of wellness issues, including making good choices for your mental, physical and emotional health.

Are you interested in applying for a job on campus? We provide many opportunities to earn awarded work-study financial aid by working for various departments and offices. It’s a great chance for you to gain valuable work experience and skills for your resume.

You also can receive free academic tutoring in a variety of subjects from one of our professional or peer tutors. As a Mount Ida student, you are eligible to schedule up to two hours of free tutoring per course per week. Whether you need a little help now and then or you want to make major strides in a specific topic or skill set, turn to our tutors for help reaching your goals.

That’s just the beginning. Mount Ida provides many additional student resources on campus – from services for students with disabilities or diversity outreach to finding the right resources to manage your academic records and college financial accounts.