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Alerts & Notifications

The Emergency Notification system is used to alert the community to an active emergency situation, school closing and any other event that requires immediate action from community members, for example, shelter in place. Your Mount Ida email address is already registered for notifications during emergencies.

Timely Warning Notifications

As mandated by the Jeanne Clery Act, at times it may be necessary to notify the entire college community of a situation that arises, either on or off campus, where the situation constitutes a continuing or ongoing threat against members of the Mount Ida College community. If in the judgment of the Chief of Police, such an incident occurs the Mount Ida College Police will clearly and quickly notify the entire college community of the situation by issuing a campus wide warning. The Mount Ida Police may use a variety of channels to issue the timely warning notification, including the emergency notification system, flyers and email. Notifications can be viewed here. 

If you have information that may warrant a timely warning notification, please contact Campus Police at (617) 928-4777 or at campuspolice@mountida.edu

Emergency Notification System (ENS)

In an emergency Campus Police will send emails, SMS text messages and voice messages via the Mount Ida Emergency Notification System (ENS).

Your Mount Ida email address is automatically registered with the ENS but it is very important that you maintain your personal cell numbers on your ‘My Profile’ in MIWeb Self-Service. For Campus employees your office phone is automatically registered.

Click here to go to the ‘My Profile/Phone Numbers’ page on MIWeb Self-Service

To add a cell number:

  • Click ‘Add a Phone Number’
  • Select ‘Mobile/ENS’ as the ‘Phone Type’ – IMPORTANT only numbers identified as ‘Mobile/ENS’ will be used for ENS
  • Enter a description to help you remember which phone this is e.g. iPhone
  • Select the country appropriate for your cell service provider, typically ‘United States’
  • Enter the phone number, do not include a country code, punctuation is not required
  • Leave ‘Do Not Call Reason Blank’, unless you wish to prevent this number being used for ENS purposes (see below)
  • Click ‘Save’

To prevent a cell number being used for ENS:

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the number to be updated
  • Selecting any reason in ‘Do Not Call Reason’ will prevent the number being used for ENS
  • Click ‘Save’

To update a cell number:

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the number to be updated
  • Update the county and phone number as required
  • Click ‘Save’

School Closing or Delayed Opening Announcements

If the college is closed due to storms, information will be provided on the following stations as well as the college’s social media channels.

  • WBZ RADIO/TV AM 1030 Channel  4 (CBS)
  • WCVB TV Channel 5 (ABC)
  • WHDH Channel 7 & Channel 56 (NBC)
  • WXFT Channel 25
  • NECN NE Cable News
  • NBCBoston