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High School vs. College Accommodations

Differences in How Services Are Provided to Students with Disabilities in High School versus College
High SchoolCollege
Services are Mandated by IDEA and state special education law (entitlements) Purpose is Free appropriate education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE)Services are Mandated by Section 504 and the ADAAA-(discrimination law and regulations) Purpose of the Plan is to give students equal opportunity to access the college experience at Mount Ida as their peers
School District, Parent or Student initiates process, Schools must evaluateStudent initiates or chooses not to initiate the process; Student is responsible for obtaining & submitting documentation
Parents, Student (14+) Evaluators, others, review documentation and develop an IEPOAS Director and Student reviews the documentation OAS Director determines whether a College Accommodation Plan (CAP) is needed with involvement from the student and from the college if needed to make sure that the CAP provides reasonable accommodations for the student
Parents must be notified when the school district proposes or refuses to evaluate or provide special education services to the studentStudent receives notification from OAS regarding accommodations and accommodation decisions, testing and meetings
Parents have the right to participate in IEP processStudents participate in the CAP development process and are the primary contact with OAS. Students determine Parent involvement if any
IEP identifies the disability and mandates the consultation, accommodations, specialized instruction, methodology, supplementary/related services that student is entitled to receive to make educational progress and receive a FAPE in the LRECAP does not list the type of disability the student has and it is up to the student to disclose it to the professor if (s)he chooses to CAP lists the accommodations and supplementary aids and services only
IEP typically runs for an academic school year; School District is responsible for scheduling yearly meetings before IEP expires, ensuring that Team receives the IEP and implementing accepted IEPsA College Accommodation Plan runs for a semester. Student is responsible for initiating request for the plan and delivering it to the Professors. Students can choose which classes (s)he can receive accommodations for