Alumna’s Internship Opens Doors to Online Gaming Career

June 17, 2013-


When graphic design alumna, Meaghan Glynn ’09, began interning at Turbine, Inc., a premier creator and operator of online games in North America, she never imaged that it would lead to her current career. Now, as a User Interface Artist, she works on unannounced games where she designs user interface systems, creates art assets for final art, and clears obstacles for her supporting teammates.

Fast Track to Career

Mount Ida’s career focused education helped Glynn land an internship at Turbine a year before graduation. Through networking, Glynn learned of the opportunity from her professors and was able to establish relationships early on with industry professionals. The solid portfolio that she created in graphic design courses gave her the edge she needed to land a full-time position at Turbine.

“Thanks to the cultivating and flexible nature of Turbine and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group’s career paths, I’m on the fast track to becoming a senior in my field,” stated Glynn. “Ultimately, I would like to have a role in management, as I find fostering other peoples’ talents to be hugely rewarding.”

Personalized Program Outcomes

“In the graphic design program, each of us felt like a big fish in a small pond, and our efforts felt extremely rewarding when we could show off our accomplishments in the halls of The School of Design,” said Glynn. “Now, working as an artist, the atmosphere is very similar – we share our knowledge from all our different backgrounds to showcase our achievements to the world.”

From personalizing her major, Glynn learned that she could apply 2D design to video games. Her background in designing has paved the way for her to understand and practice usability. Rising to the top of her program, Glynn was awarded the Highest Achievement in Graphic Design.

“In a small program, with the help of my professors and my classmates, I was allowed to flourish in a way that I never was allowed to in high school,” she concluded.