New School Year, New Look for Mount Ida College Campus Signage

August 2014 – Just in time for the new school year, the parking and wayfinding signage on the Mount Ida College campus is getting a new look.

This fall, Mount Ida is introducing new identification signs and a redesigned campus map to make it easier for students, faculty and visitors to navigate campus. The new signs and map are designed to familiarize our students and faculty with, and introduce visitors to, all that Mount Ida has to offer.  Our student-focused campus renovations, including our new campus center and fitness center, will be highlighted by the new signs and map.


At the gate house on Carlson Avenue, a new electronic message center will display timely information, including current events and campus updates.In addition, a campus map and directional signage will orient you as soon as you enter the main campus area.

The redesigned campus map will feature a new color coding system. The system will delineate the academic and residential areas of campus. The residential buildings will be shown as red and the academic buildings will be shown as orange.


Our campus is represented on the map as an orange and red circle with a green line bisecting it. The green line represents the newly named Shaw Road which provides a convenient way to get across campus. The orange section of the map represents North Loop, which houses our academic buildings, and the red section of the map South Loop, housing our residential buildings. When you are traveling on the North Loop all of the signs and banners you will see will be orange; similarly, when you are traveling on the South Loop all of the signs and banners you will see will be red; lastly, when you cross campus on Shaw Road you will notice green signage. This system will provide a visual cue to your location on campus. At each intersection, color coded signs with arrows will indicate how to find your destination.


New signs will assist students, faculty, visitors and first responders to navigate campus. The project’s completion is expected during the fall semester with the addition of new festive pageantry to highlight our Mustang pride.