Mount Ida College Faculty and Staff Service Reception to Honor 19 Employees

April 14, 2014-


Mount Ida College is pleased to announce the introduction of our newest tradition: The Faculty and Staff Service Awards Reception. Mount Ida’s faculty and staff are one of the most valued assets of this institution and they are integral to the College’s success.  This annual event will acknowledge the value of employee contributions to our goals and mission and recognizes service to the institution.

Hosted by the Office of Human Resources, the service awards event will recognize and honor those employees celebrating significant milestones in their service to the college. Recognition gifts will be presented to employees beginning at five years of full-time service and will continue every subsequent five year milestone.


“The success of Mount Ida is due in no small part to our talented and committed staff,” said Omaira Roy, Executive Director of Human Resources. “Our faculty and staff play a vital role here and we truly appreciate all that they do.”

On April 17, 2014, members of our community celebrating service milestones, with their respective supervisors, will gather for a reception to honor and recognize the following people for their dedication, achievements and distinguished years of service to Mount Ida:

Five Years of Service 

Laura De Veau, Student Affairs

Liana Goncalves, Longfellow Preschool

James Jabbour, Forensic Science

Mike Landers, Athletics

Matthew Minich, Athletics

Kathleen Pletsch de Garcia, English and Humanities

Alison Poor-Donahue, Graphic Design

David Smaldone, Administrative Information Systems

Ten Years of Service

Alioune Gueye, Veterinary Science & Technology

Pearl Steinbuch, Business Administration

Fifteen Years of Service

Matt Burke, Athletics

Kim Nix, Library Services

Stephanie Venizelos, The Learning Circle

Twenty Years of Service  

Judith Sgarzi, Criminal Justice

Susan Wheeler, Business Administration

Diann Wilde, Longfellow Preschool

Twenty Five Years of Service

Leo Archambault, Fashion Merchandising

Thirty Five Years of Service

Roberta Steinberg, English and Humanities

Forty Five Years of Service

Dan Roberto, English and Humanities