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Private Scholarships and Outside Sources of Financial Aid

In addition to federal, state and Mount Ida aid, you and your family also may want to consider private sources of funding to fill in your financial aid gap. Students are encouraged to explore and apply for private scholarships that may be awarded locally or nationally.

You would be surprised how many private scholarships are available in your hometown, state or region. The key, of course, is to seek this funding out. We believe the effort is worth it as scholarships do not have to be repaid. You may begin your search by reaching out to your high school guidance or college counseling office, researching scholarship listings at your local library or online. These scholarships fall outside of the regular Mount Ida financial aid package and can be an important contribution to your college investment.

The Office of Student Financial Services has provided a few nationally recognized search engines to help you begin.

Please note: Although the internet is a great research resource, we would like to caution you against web-based scholarship search companies that charge fees for searches. Never pay a fee for a scholarship search and if a company does proactively reach out to you, obtain their contact information and alert the Office of Student Financial Services .

When you receive funds from a private scholarship, you must report those funds to the Office of Student Financial Services by submitting a copy of the notification letter.

Please Note: Some scholarship agencies require additional documentation to be sent directly to them prior to sending funds to the College. Generally these requirements are outlined on your notification letter.


The College will provide matching funds as outlined in applicable savings programs. Amounts vary according to agreement plans. Funds are credited to tuition accounts after the add/drop period and stabilization has occurred each semester.