Tuition and Fees

Full-time undergraduate tuition and fees for 2015 – 2016

The cost of attendance is the estimated total amount that it will cost you to attend Mount Ida College. The total amount of financial aid, including grants, scholarships and loans cannot exceed this estimate. Your actual costs for direct charges (those billable by Mount Ida) can vary based on fees for specific programs and other choices you make regarding housing. In addition, indirect expenses (non-billable) such as books, transportation and other educational costs may vary based on individual needs.


We are providing this estimated cost of attendance for you so you may make an informed decision and appropriate plans for financing your college education. After you determine your financial aid eligibility, you are expected to meet all remaining financial obligations.

To help you along the way, we’ve developed a comprehensive 2015-2016 Billing Guide.

Direct Costs (billed by Mount Ida College)
Activities Fee      265      265
Comprehensive Fee      950      950
Room and board  13,000


Indirect Costs (not billed by Mount Ida College)
Books and supplies*    1,000    1,000
Transportation      800    1,000
Other educational expenses    1,272    1,272
Room and Board Allowance   8,400
Total estimated cost: 48,372  43,972


*Students enrolling in the Veterinary Technology, Design and Dental Programs should add $1,700 for expected program expenses.


 Other charges:
  • Course Overloads (over 18 credits): $750/credit.
  • Single Room, if approved, is an additional $1,300.
  • Student Achievement Program:
    • $2,200 for one session per week
    • $4,400 for two sessions per week
    • $6,600 for three sessions per week.
  • Dental Hygiene fee: $400
  • Veterinary Technology fee: $400
  • Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk: $1,680
    • Students not covered by comparable coverage, students who did not complete an approved online waiver by the August 26, 2015 deadline or students who did not petition to waive (or whose petition was denied) by the September 16, 2015 deadline will be responsible for the insurance charge as it appears on the bill.
    • If you are a new or returning SPRING ONLY student and plan to remain on your parent(s)/guardian(s) health insurance, you may be eligible to waive the $981 medical insurance fee by completing the online Health Insurance Waiver for Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk by the February 10, 2016 deadline. After this date students not covered by comparable coverage and students who did not waive (or whose waiver was denied) will be responsible for the insurance charge as it appears on the bill.
  • Specific courses or programs may require additional fees, which are listed in the course descriptions section of the college catalog. The college charges for these fees according to enrolled courses.
  • Lock out charges are applied to a student’s account when they exceed their two free lock outs per semester. Charges per lock outs are $10.00 each.
  • Lock Changes: $100
  • MIC One Card ID Replacement: $25
  • Returned Check Fee per occurrence: $50
  • Residence Hall Damage Fee: $varies
Full-time undergraduate deposits:

To ensure a seat in your class, the deposit requirement for a resident student is $300.

If you have questions on the cost of tuition and fees or our calculator, please contact our team from Office of Student Financial Services at (617) 928-4785 or at

Typical length of study and average student debt:

The typical length of study for a full-time, first-time freshman student pursuing a degree is approximately four years. Upon graduation, the average student loan debt is $43,860. Explore this section of our website to learn more about how you can decrease your student loan debt through federal, state and institutional aid programs.

Part-time undergraduate tuition:

If you are enrolled in less than twelve credits per semester, you are considered a part-time student. Tuition for part-time students is $875/credit

Graduate student tuition & aid:

The tuition for the Master of Science in Management programs for 2015 – 2016 is $595.00/credit or $545/credit for alumni.

7-Week Semester Course:

  • Any student who officially withdraws from the class before the 6th calendar day after the start of class is eligible to receive 75% of tuition and fees, excluding the non-refundable deposit.
  • Any student who officially withdraws from the class/classes between the 7th and 11th calendar day after the start of class is eligible to receive 50% of tuition and fees, excluding the non-refundable deposit.
  • Any student who officially withdraws from the class/classes after the 11th calendar day after the start of class will receive no reduction in tuition and fees.

For more information on tuition and fees, contact

Continuing Education:

The per credit rate is $875.00.

For more information, please contact the Center for Global Connections & Continuing Education.

Monthly payment plan available:

If you would like to pay your tuition in 10 convenient installments, please visit Tuition Management System (TMS). For an $80 annual fee, you will not be charged any interest along with your monthly payments. You may pay by credit card or via automatic bank payment.

  • Students enrolling for the Fall and Spring semesters may utilize the 10 convenient payment installment plan. The first payment is due in July and last payment the following April.
  • Students enrolling for the Spring only may utilize the 5 convenient payment installment option.  The first payment is due in December, prior to enrolling in January