Tuition and Financial Aid

All the benefits of a private college experience – from small class sizes and engaging faculty to best-in-class signature programs – are within your reach at Mount Ida College. We understand that tuition costs play a major role in your college decision. That’s why we work so hard to find ways for financial aid to make a Mount Ida College education possible for many families – by lowering total out-of-pocket college costs.


Using a variety of financial aid sources, many families find Mount Ida more affordable than other college or university options in the greater Boston area and beyond. For example, 100 percent of our students received a combined $21.7 million in financial aid directly from Mount Ida for the 2016 – 2017 academic year, in addition to financial aid they receive from state and federal programs.

This is just one example of how we bring additional value to your college tuition cost decisions. We carefully cultivate financial resources so that we can help more students attend Mount Ida – even if they first thought they could not afford it.

Our friendly and helpful financial aid experts provide valuable guidance on your financial aid options that help families afford college tuition, including grants from state or federal programs, scholarships (based on both merit and financial need) and loans through government or private sources.


Financial aid application

Almost all requests for financial aid begin with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It sets the standard for determining the unique financial need of each student and shows how that number compares to college tuition costs. Learn more about how we use the FAFSA to create financial aid packages. The Office of Student Financial Services can help you with financial aid resources, instructions and answers. Start by reviewing lists of required documents and other financial aid rules.

Net price calculator

We encourage you to develop a financial aid plan. A realistic tuition and college cost budget is a great place to start. Use our net price calculator to begin planning your college budget.