Transfer student articulation agreements

As a transfer student, you greatly benefit from the transfer credit relationships Mount Ida College maintains with two-year colleges, community colleges and other international schools. Starting your college career at one of these partner schools and finishing your degree program at Mount Ida streamlines your transfer of credits.


These relationships, known as articulation agreements or transfer agreements, simplify and maximize the transfer credit process. They are examples of the greater role Mount Ida plays in the academic community. No matter when in your college career you choose to transfer to Mount Ida, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Articulation agreements and accepted transfer student majors

Admission to Mount Ida, including acceptance into your chosen major as a transfer student, requires that you meet the articulation agreement criteria. Ask transfer counselors at your current school for the details of the articulation agreement as it applies to your situation.

Mount Ida has many articulation agreements with local institutions. Please reach out to our transfer coordinator Ken Scupp in order to discuss transferring to Mount Ida and find out more information on our articulation agreements. Questions can be directed to the transfer student admission team at (617) 928-4553 or at