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Recruit Day

Thank you for your interest in Mount Ida College and our varsity football program. To reserve your spot for our Recruit Day on Saturday, December 16, 2017, please fill out the form below. If you would like to visit campus on a weekday, please sign up for one of our Weekday Campus Tours.

Recruit Day

For Incoming College Freshmen and Transfer Students Only:

In order to take part in Instant Decision, prospective student-athletes will need to bring/submit the following as part of their application. Please note, we encourage application materials to be submitted in advance. Materials can be submitted to Alison Koning, Assistant Director of Admissions for Athletic Recruitment at akoning@mountida.edu. If you have any questions regarding the application materials, please call the Office of Admissions at 617-928-4553.

- Essay and Recommendations - We strongly recommend applicants submit at least one letter of recommendation and an essay describing why you would be a good fit for Mount Ida College. We also accept Common Application essays in place of our essay
- Transcript - An official transcript from your high school (or a copy of your GED or other equivalency credential). If you are a transfer student, official transcripts from all colleges and universities will be required.  
- Official SAT and/or ACT scores (only required for students applying for dental, medical, pharmacy and veterinary programs)
- Portfolio Requirement (School of Design Application Only): A portfolio submission is required for students applying for any program within the School of Design (except for Fashion Industry Marketing & Management). You can find instructions, requirements, and submit your portfolio by clicking here.

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