Parent Orientation

Parents and guardians of incoming students are invited to the Parent/Guardian Orientation program. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about academic expectations, student transition, and campus support services among other resources. Past participants in the program have expressed time and time again how valuable the time was as a parent/guardian to prepare for their student’s transition to college.  An optional reception will be held at the end of the first full day of the Parent/Guardian Orientation program. add_or_parents2013

Parent orientation schedule:

Following a welcome from the senior administration, and saying good-bye to your student, parents/guardians will embark on seminars that are focused on:  financial literacy, communicating expectations with your student, managing set-backs and celebrating achievements, campus safety and student code of conduct, physical and mental health and wellness, student records and how to communicate with the college most effectively.  The second half-day is set up in a work-shop format where participants can select program topics that are of most interest to them.  The registration for these work-shops will be held during the first day of the orientation program.

In order for us to plan for the program adequately, we require pre-registration.  If you plan to attend, please be sure to have your student check “yes” and enter your name at the bottom of the online form when they sign up for their orientation session.

Please note that the parent orientation program is geared toward adults and is not formatted for young children.It is for this reason that children under 12 years old are not encouraged to attend.

Local Accommodations:

A complete list of local hotels is available here. Please let them know that you are participating in the Mount Ida College Orientation program in order to take advantage of any available discounts.  Please note that each hotel’s discounts and timeline on recognition of discounts is based on hotel policy.