Join us for Family/ Guest Orientation!

While your student is connecting and learning in their own Orientation Program, we have crafted a program that we believe meets the needs of families/ Guests . Whether this is your first to go to college or you are an “old pro”, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our day and a half-long Family/Guest Orientation Program. The day is broken down into three segments:

  • “Nuts & Bolts”: We will spend time on the topics that you (and your student) need to get checked off the “to do” list. From Health Forms, to Financial Aid, to renting a Microfridge … the little details will get covered in an engaging and informative way. Also included will be a Vendor Expo on day two that will provide you the opportunity to do some business before you leave campus!
  • “Coaching Your Student”: This segment of the program allows for you to break out and get Coaching tips from our campus experts. Special sessions are offered for various populations of students, allowing for small group discussion and candid conversations. A larger session is offered for all participants that focuses on healthy and successful decision making, and how you can coach your student in the most inspiring and challenging of times.
  • “Academic Linkages”: Connect with the four Mount Ida College School Deans and the Dean of Student Success. This team of individuals will provide you with information that will be critical for continuing your coaching for the academic transition. Some “Nuts & Bolts” will also be covered including information on supplies, computers, and text books.

You will enjoy lunch with members of the Mount Ida Community on day one and have the opportunity to join the Office of Advancement as they host a Family/ Guest Dinner off campus with members of the Administration for a small fee of $25 the evening of day one. For more details, please indicate your interest in attending the Dinner by filling out the registration form. Day two of the Family/ Guest orientation is scheduled lightly to allow private meetings with various service providers at the College to be arranged. Remember, Family/ Guest members and students are invited to attend the end of Orientation Barbecue on day two.

Local Accommodations:

Hotel rooms are available at the Sheraton Needham Hotel for Parents/Families/Guests to stay for the Family/ Guest Orientation Program.

Sheraton Needham
100 Cabot Street
Needham, MA 02494

Room rate is $175.

When making a reservation parents should request a room in the Mount Ida College Orientation room block.

Payment is the responsibility of the family/guest who are attending.

Link for Session 1 (June 16-17)
Link for Session 2 (June 20-21)

We do have a list of other accommodations and feel free choose the hotel of your liking nearby campusPlease let them know that you are participating in the Mount Ida College Orientation program in order to take advantage of any available discounts. Please note that each hotel’s discounts and timeline on recognition of discounts is based on hotel policy.

Parent Orientation FAQs:

  • If my student is attending Orientation, do I have to attend the Parent Orientation?
    • No, but it is strongly encouraged. Every college is unique in its processes, and there is a lot of useful information shared at Parent Orientation. It is especially useful if your student is the first member of the family attending college, and/or you still has questions about Mount Ida College and next steps leading up to the fall.
  • Are there any fees?
    • No, Mount Ida College does not charge parents or students any fees for attending Orientation.
  • When should I arrive for Orientation?
    • Plan to arrive to drop of your student for Orientation between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Shortly afterward, parents and students are separated for their respective sessions.
  • Can parents/guardians stay on campus overnight?
    • No, please see information for local accommodations above.
  • Can I use this as an opportunity to meet with a specific office or department?
    • Yes, during the first day of sessions, you will have an opportunity to make a follow-up appointment with several of the different support offices, like Student Financial Services, Accessibility Services, Academic Support, and more.
  • When does Orientation end?
    • Orientation ends with a barbecue on the second day, starting at 12:00 p.m. and wrapping up around 1:00 p.m. Please note that it is perfectly acceptable if a parent/guardian needs to step away for work or other obligations, and return at a later time.