Bachelor of Science in Sport Management:

Play to win with a sport management degree.

Sports develop skills such as teamwork, discipline and strategic thinking—and so does Mount Ida’s Sport Management program. A versatile program that integrates courses from sport management, business and arts and sciences, our business degree in sport management will help you play to win in a competitive industry. You’ll take small, interactive classes that emphasize hands-on participation, getting first-rate preparation for a career in sport management or a related field. And you’ll live near sports-crazy Boston, on a campus that supports 16 varsity teams with a student population of just 1,400.

The Sport Management Degree brings a practical, problem-solving approach into the classroom, with assignments that present real-world challenges and case studies. Two practicums will get you out into the community while getting first-hand experience in sport management activities such as event planning, facility management, youth recreation, marketing, promotions and media relations and athletic administration.

You’ll also get hundreds of hours of workplace experience via a 15-week sport management internship. Boston offers a wide range of internship opportunities at professional, college and amateur sport organizations.

Sport management majors learn how sports can hold communities together, drawing participation from schools, businesses, government agencies, the media and many other institutions.

You’ll build industry-specific expertise in specialized sport management courses that cover every aspect of sport management, including:

  • Marketing 
  • Sales and promotions
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Facility management
  • Coaching
  • Communications and information management

The Sport Management Degree requires 120 credits, broken down as follows:

  • 45 credits in core sport management courses
  • 12 credits in one of three sport management concentrations (marketing, media communication or athletic administration)
  • 15 credits in general business
  • 48 credits in arts, sciences and humanities

Here are just a few of the courses you may be taking:

  • SM 220 – Socio-cultural Aspects of Sport
  • SM 321 – Sport Marketing
  • SM 405 – Sport and Media

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the faculty and staff directory.


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A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Sport Management degree prepares you for careers in sports management, fitness and recreation. Potential employers include teams at the professional, college and amateur levels, as well as public agencies, youth organizations and military programs. Graduates of our sport management degree program also compete for jobs with sport marketing firms and consultancies.

You can use a sport management degree as a springboard toward graduate studies in our Master of Science in Management for Leadership in Sport program, sport management, management or business administration. Mount Ida College also offers related programs in Business Administration.