Get a traditional psychology degree in a small-college New England setting.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology offers broad career preparation—especially in a well-rounded psychology program like Mount Ida’s. A private New England college that emphasizes traditional academics, we’ve built our Psychology Bachelor’s Degree on small classes, hands-on faculty, a diverse student body and an intimate campus community. You’ll have opportunities for self-expression and self-discovery both inside and outside the classroom, while earning a psychology degree that cultivates in-demand job skills such as writing, research, and critical thinking.

All five psychology degree concentrations emphasize practical skills that will help you in the job market and the workplace. No matter which psychology concentration you choose, you’ll perform independent research, hone your writing and analytical skills, practice public speaking and complete a senior capstone project.

In addition, some of our bachelor of psychology degree concentrations include an internship in a mental health clinic, hospital, rehab center or other workplace. The internships enable you to gain hands-on experience in such areas as:

  • Psychological research
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family counseling
  • Child psychology and education
  • Criminal behavior

The bachelor of psychology degree builds on five core psychology courses—an introductory course and classes in research, human development, abnormal psychology and physiological psychology. Additional psychology course requirements are based on the specific are of interest you choose.

In addition, all psychology degree concentrations include coursework in literature, history, science, composition and other subjects. The bachelor’s degree in psychology requires 120 to 122 credits, including:

  • 37 credits in core psychology
  • 6 credits capstone
  • 45 credits in open electives
  • 33 credits in humanities and social sciences

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the faculty and staff directory.


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The bachelor’s degree in psychology develops a combination of skills that can provide a foundation for many careers, including law, business, government, education and management.

Our psychology degree also offers outstanding preparation for graduate studies in clinical and counseling services, research, education and many other disciplines.