The Pre-Pharmacy Concentration at Mount Ida College requires students to take a specific sequence of courses (within a Biology major) that constitute pre-requirements for most institutions offering a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

As a private New England college with small class sizes, Mount Ida can provide plenty of lab time with personalized attention from faculty to help you master advanced material.  It is highly recommended for pre-pharmacy students to shadow a pharmacist or volunteer in a pharmacy.

Students interested in the Pre-Pharmacy Concentration must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 after their first year of courses at Mount Ida College to be allowed to continue this concentration.

At Mount Ida College, students in this program will take the following courses, which are required by almost all pharmacy schools:

  • 1 year of biology with lab
  • 1 year of general chemistry with lab
  • 1 year of organic chemistry with lab
  • 1 year of physics with lab
  • 1 year of mathematics
  • 1 year of English
  • Microbiology
  • Statistics
  • Psychology

In addition to the above courses, students take:

  • 1 year of anatomy & physiology (required by some pharmacy schools)
  • Biochemistry (required by some pharmacy schools)
  • Genetics
  • Cell & molecular biology

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please the visit faculty and staff directory.


The Pre-Pharmacy Concentration prepares students to apply for pharmacy school and pursue careers as pharmacists.