Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History:

Discover your strengths as a leader in a small-college environment.

If all politics is local, then Mount Ida’s Political Science and History degree program offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in America’s backyard of politics, Boston, which is just eight miles from our beautiful New England campus. By combining traditional academics and critical thinking with hands-on training, our Political Science and History major will build upon your academic base to explore career-focused concentrations in public administration, pre-law, or a customized program tailored to your specific career goals in political science or history. With our small class sizes and attentive professors, you will develop the versatile skills and knowledge needed to meet the many challenges of 21st century politics and society.

As a Political Science and History major, consider expanding your horizons with a minor in Legal Studies.

You may also want to create a double major in Pre Law: Law & Society.

Our Political Science and History degree program enables you to apply analytical skills and political science and history disciplines directly to a tailored internship, senior research and capstone projects and other real-world experiences. Our program is specifically designed to prepare you for professional, graduate and law schools and entry into public service careers through promoting your understanding of the diversity of the human experience in its historical and global contexts.

You will have opportunities to explore and analyze significant events from the past and government structure and process, all discussed in an intimate and engaging learning environment. By the time you graduate from our Political Science and History program, you will have mastered the important topics and skills necessary to pursue your career path or advanced degree.


As a private college with a traditional academic focus, you will begin our program with a solid foundation in American history and American government. Our rich curriculum will allow you to foster the skills that history teaches including analysis, evaluations and synthesis. We will provide you with the necessary coursework for coherent decision-making in all areas of professional life including courses in:

  • American government
  • Constitutional law
  • American perceptions
  • Capstone research

Mount Ida’s customized approach to our Political Science and History degree will offer you the opportunity to explore your interests through a variety of open electives, including the option to choose a minor or a study abroad experience. You also have a choice of one of three concentrations: post-graduate study, public administration and pre-law.

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History requires 120 credits, broken down as follows:

  • 45 credits in American history and political science, including a concentration in Public Administration, Pre-law or Post Graduate Study
  • 33-34 credits in the arts, social sciences and humanities
  • 42 credits in open electives, which may include minors or study abroad

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the faculty and staff directory.


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Graduates from our Political Science and History bachelor’s degree program will be equipped to engage in a broad range of careers in government, politics and law, as well as possess strong critical thinking, writing and analytical skills that both public and private sector employers demand.

In addition, Mount Ida’s Political Science and History degree program is structured to foster development and give you proficiency in research and analytical methods that will prepare you for advanced graduate study.