Bachelor of Science in Photography:

Meeting the fast-paced needs of industry in a digital image-driven age.

The world of photography in the digital age is constantly evolving. Mount Ida College’s Photography degree program will prepare you to combine your personal visual perspective with the proficiency needed to master advancing technologies and industry’s fast-paced demands. Our Photography degree program prepares you for entry into the competitive field of photography through the integration of traditional art concepts and photography techniques with a strong business foundation. By experiencing internships and capstone projects, you will gain critical technical and aesthetic skills, such as studio lighting and image manipulation,  as well as experience using the latest industry studio software for the creation of high quality photography.


Our Photography program emphasizes the skills you need to thrive in the competitive and often entrepreneurial field of  photography. Create, execute and market professional-level materials that showcase and differentiate your abilities as a photographer. You will gain a mastery of photography studio skills in the area of lighting, online and offline color, color techniques and photographic imaging for the web.

Through courses and the internships you choose, you also will learn skills in new business development, client acquisition, retention, marketing, along with the art of making informed creative and business decisions. In the classroom, and on location, you will be exposed to the most up-to-date hardware and software photography products and techniques. You will learn the technical and design skills necessary to develop your own individualized online and offline photography portfolio.


Our Photography degree program features small classes and industry-skilled faculty who seek to challenge your creativity and proficiencies with a rigorous study of the traditional, digital and business elements of photography.

The Photography curriculum offers courses that cover the following:

  • Marketplace and business
  • Lighting techniques
  • Photographic image capture and manipulation
  • Portfolio development
  • Video capture and editing
  • Color theory and principles
  • Art history

The Photography degree program requires 120 credits broken down as follows:

  • 75 credits in Photography & Graphic Design courses
  • 18 credits in foundational art courses
  • 27 credits in arts, sciences and humanities

Here are just a few of the courses you may be taking:

  • PX 102 – Photographic Image Capture and Manipulation I
  • PX 310 – Architectural Interior Photography
  • PX 403 – Environmental and Landscape Photography

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the faculty and staff directory.


Faculty & Staff Directory

There are many opportunities for a successful career in photography whether you choose to set up your business or pursue a position in a creative agency, company or non-profit organization. Graduates of our photography degree program have training for a variety of careers including the following positions:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Editoral Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Photo Journalism
  • Photo Technician