An interdisciplinary communication degree designed for the digital world.

Gain a competitive edge in digital communications with our new Media Communication bachelor degree program. This interdisciplinary major combines art, design and technology foundation, and traditional communication courses with optional concentrations in business administration or sport management.

As a traditional New England College, we offer small class sizes that foster one-on-one-interaction with our industry-experienced faculty.  Here, you will master the art of communicating through social and emerging digital media platforms as well as execute digital design using cutting-edge software packages and techniques. With advanced-level abilities and skills across many digital platforms, including web design, computer graphics and on-demand news and entertainment, you will be prepared to create great value in any sized company.


As a Media Communication major, you’ll gain valuable experience in digital media both in the workplace and in the classroom. You will be charged to solve real-world communication issues, applying communication theory, critical thinking and design fundamentals to various settings, utilizing essential skill sets such as:

  • Audience analysis
  • Information gathering and processing
  • Public speaking
  • Web design and production
  • Visual messaging

The media communication degree also includes a practicum, an internship and senior research writing project, all in focus areas of your choosing. Add a concentration in business administration or sport management, and you’ll find that these opportunities will prepare you for a thriving career in almost any industry, including contemporary broadcast, social media and multimedia. Mount Ida’s close proximity to Boston, with its global economy and strong presence in media communication, also offers you many outlets to meet and engage with leading industry professionals.


The courses in our Media Communication degree program are interdisciplinary, reflecting the dynamic range of skill sets needed in today’s digital communications space.  In addition to a strong foundation in the arts, social sciences and humanities, along with traditional communication courses, you will also focus on digital design, social media and business, including:

  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Communication research

The new media communication bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits, broken down as follows:

  • 48 credits in communication, design and business
  • 36-37 credits in arts, sciences and humanities
  • 36 credits in open electives


A degree in media communication can lead directly to employment in almost any industry. Mount Ida’s media communication degree program will give you a competitive edge because of its interdisciplinary approach in communication, digital design and business. Our graduates also possess much sought-after skills, such as writing, public speaking, and critical thinking, allowing our  media communication graduates to choose from a number of careers including broadcasting, media/journalism, advertising, public relations, publishing, web design and video editing.

Graduates of our program can build on their new Media Communication degree by pursing a graduate degree, such as a master’s in communication, business or design.


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