Make yourself more marketable with our Marketing Concentration                 

Students interested in a career in marketing or sales can focus their undergraduate program by selecting our marketing concentration.  Building on our strong, core business program, the marketing concentration offers a range of courses in contemporary marketing techniques and business practices.

The marketing concentration courses emphasize the practical skills required to become a successful marketing professional.  Students are ensured invaluable hands-on application experiences.  In-class exercises, case analyses, and internships give students the opportunity to apply their skills both individually and in teams.  The city of Boston and local communities support a wide range of fulfilling internship experiences.

A private New England college, Mount Ida builds the BSBA with a Marketing Concentration on a strong foundation of traditional academic subjects. You’ll take courses in business, math, science and the arts, along with marketing courses including:

  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Marketing Research and Analysis
  • Professional Selling
  • e-Commerce

The BSBA degree with a Marketing Concentration requires 120 credits with students completing eighteen core Business courses, four marketing courses, and thirteen All College Curriculum Courses.

Students with a BSBA with a marketing concentration will be prepared for a wide range of entry-level marketing jobs, leading to careers in advertising and public relations, market research, product management, and CRM.