Bachelor of Science in Game Art:

Develop the skills you need for a computer gaming career.

In our nationally accredited Game Art program, you will learn to create rich, challenging virtual worlds. Furthermore, you will also equip yourself for the real world, earning a Game Art degree that prepares you for the ever-growing computer gaming industry. And you will study game art within a private New England college, on a friendly campus that supports your creativity and challenges you to go up a level in the game of life.

Mount Ida College’s Game Art degree emphasizes hands-on experience that translates directly to the workplace. You will create a body of work that showcases your abilities in game art —and helps you find jobs in the video game industry.

Our Game Art and Animation courses promote collaboration among students. You will feel like you are part of a creative team that brings out your best ideas and your best work. In addition, you will be educated in a wide scope of the rapidly expanding digital game industry, with opportunities to create:

  • Game apps for mobile devices
  • Web-based computer games and animation
  • 3D animation
  • Console & PC Games
  • Educational games
  • Games for professional training
  • Interactive multimedia

You can even earn credits toward your bachelor’s degree in game art while getting practical experience in a real workplace, with potential internships in the Boston-area’s numerous game companies. You also will have the opportunity to attend PAX East, the largest video game industry conference in the Northeast, in nearby Boston.

The Game Art Program features small classes led by attentive and engaged faculty who have years of experience in the computer game industry. You’ll get basic art instruction in drawing, color theory, design and contemporary art, while taking about 19 detailed, skill-based courses that cover every aspect of game art. Subjects include:

  • 3D modeling
  • Character animation
  • Texturing and visual effects
  • Environmental art
  • Concept and sequential art
  • Rigging and technical art

The Bachelor of Science in Game Art requires 120 credits, broken down as follows:

  • 60 credits in Game Art 
  • 21 credits in foundational art courses
  • 27 credits in arts, sciences and humanities
  • 12 credits in open electives

Here are just a few of the courses you may be taking:

  • GM 203 – Visual Layout for Games
  • GM 335 – Special effects
  • GM 402 – Programming for Game Artists

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the faculty and staff directory.


Faculty & Staff Directory

The dynamic game art industry offers excellent job opportunities. Video game developers, web design firms and marketing companies are among the employers who seek game art graduates. Demand is always high for computer game specialists in areas such as:

  • 3D modeling
  • Level designer
  • Concept artist
  • Environment artist
  • Character animation
  • Texturing and visual effects
  • Technical art

Students may also decide to pursue a graduate degree in Game Development and Interactive Media.