Raise the bar for your future with our Finance Concentration              

Students aiming for a career in finance or banking can focus their undergraduate program by selecting our Finance Concentration. Building on our strong core of Business Administration classes, the Finance Concentration offers a range of courses in the fundamentals of the industry’s tools, techniques, and business practices.

The Finance Concentration emphasizes the practical skills required to become a successful finance professional. Students will not only be introduced to the conceptual basis of finance, but also be ensured invaluable hands-on application experiences. In-class exercises, case analyses, and internships give students the opportunity to apply their skills both individually and in teams. Due to our proximity to the Greater Boston metropolitan area, a global business hub with a strong presence in financial services and other dynamic industries, you will have plenty of internship choices, along with the flexibility of choosing when you want to complete your internship (Fall, Spring or Summer).

A private New England college, Mount Ida builds the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance Concentration on a strong foundation of traditional academic subjects. Our curriculum is comprehensive. You will take courses in business, math, science, and the arts, along with Finance courses focused on:

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals of Investment
  • Money and Capital Markets

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance Concentration requires 120 credits with students completing 19 core Business Administration courses, four finance courses, and 12 All College Curriculum courses.

Students with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance Concentration will be prepared for a wide range of entry-level finance jobs, leading to careers as business analysts, financial analysts, bond analysts, loan officers, or investment banking associates.