Bachelor of Science in Fashion Industry Marketing & Management:

Combine your style sense and visual understanding with your business and management savvy to develop cutting edge strategy for fashion industry operations!

The Fashion Industry Marketing & Management program at Mount Ida College delivers a comprehensive and innovative curriculum that prepares aspiring fashion professionals for careers in the marketing, communication, promotion, merchandising, and visual design aspects of the fashion industry. Learning in these areas emphasizes strategic management for optimized business results. You will graduate with a 360-degree understanding of fashion industry dynamics and a complete skill set for success in the fashion enterprise. What does all that mean?  You will be ready for a successful career in the Fashion Industry!

Experiential learning is a hallmark of the Fashion Industry Marketing & Management program. You will learn industry skills through hands-on, real-world learning, projects, and problem solving, including field-experience.  We believe that the best way to learn the Fashion Industry is to live it!

Experiential learning in the Fashion Industry Marketing & Management program also includes:

  • Interactive and dynamic hands-on, industry-relevant classroom learning experiences
  • Industry immersion, including external relationship and network building
  • Two required internship experiences with additional possible field opportunities
  • Creation of a professional portfolio
  • Fashion Industry Marketing & Management thesis development
  • Mentorship by industry professionals
  • Professional fashion show/event production, planning, management, and execution experience
  • Domestic and international travel-study opportunities, including travel to global fashion capitals
  • Involvement and leadership in Mount Ida’s Student Fashion Organization
  • Participation in local and regional industry events, including fashion shows, events, exhibits, speakers, and more, such as Boston Fashion Week and an annual trip to New York City

The Fashion Industry Marketing & Management  program delivers: (1) exceptional career preparation, including strategic and tactical skills for the fashion industry as well as the development of industry awareness and engagement, (2) experiential learning, including internships and other real-world field experience, as well as significant industry exposure and networking opportunities, (3) critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills growth, (4) written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills development, and (5) training on and strategic use of relevant industry-related technologies.

Fashion Industry Marketing & Management by the Numbers:

  • Number of total credits: 120
  • Number of Fashion Industry Marketing & Management (FI) Credits: 69
  • Number of All College Curriculum (ACC) Credits: 30
  • Number of Art Foundation (AR) Credits: 6
  • Number of Concentration Credits: 9
  • Number of Elective Credits: 3
  • Number of Portfolio Courses: 11
  • Number of FI Writing Intensive (W) Courses: 1
  • Number of FI Oral Intensive (O) Courses: 2
  • Number of Fall-Only FI Courses: 3
  • Number of Spring-Only FI Courses: 3

The choice of a minor or concentration, opportunities for global and service learning, the completion of two internships, and the development of both a thesis project and a professional portfolio allow students ownership and personal management of their educational experience.  Fashion Industry Marketing & Management  students graduate from the program with a personal branding system that includes a resume that documents a minimum of two internship experiences, a catalog of relevant coursework, professional fashion event experience, and optional travel-study experience, as well as a professional portfolio, a growing industry network, and much more.

For complete course listings please refer to our catalog. To learn more about our faculty, please visit the faculty and staff directory.


Faculty & Staff Directory

Mount Ida’s Fashion Industry Marketing & Management curriculum prepares graduates for career pathways in the following areas:


  • Brand Development & Design
  • Fashion Public Relations
  • Fashion Sales & Promotion
  • Marketing Management


  • Fashion Buying & Procurement
  • Merchandise Management
  • Planning & Allocation
  • Retail Management
  • Trend Forecasting & Analysis


  • Freelance Design
  • Merchandising Management
  • Photo, Set, Event, and/or Personal Styling
  • Visual Merchandising

Students may also pursue graduate studies by enrolling in the Master of Science in Management 4+1 program at Mount Ida, which allows students to complete Master’s courses during their senior year, facilitating the completion of a bachelor’s Degree and a master’s Degree in just five years. Other graduate study options include a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Marketing or other postgraduate programs in related fashion studies.