Design Exploration

Delve into the design field and explore your passion for a rewarding career.

The Design Exploration program is intended for students deciding among majors within the School of Design at Mount Ida College, allowing them to explore the various programs within the School. Design Exploration students take discipline-appropriate coursework during their first academic year with industry-leading professionals, who will support and challenge their creative aspirations and help them select a specific area of study by their sophomore year.

Students learn from faculty that not only teach, but are industry-experts in the design field. Design Exploration students engage in both lecture-based and studio-oriented coursework during their first academic year. The hands-on studio experience helps students identify and develop their personal skills, talents and areas of interest.

This curriculum has a limit of 30 credits or two semesters. Students enrolled in the Design Exploration program will, with guidance and support from a faculty advisor, move into their selected major by the end of their 30 credits (two semesters) and follow the course sequence for that particular program to fulfill graduation requirements.

Included in the program are courses in art history, desktop publishing, drawing and two- and three-dimensional design.

The Design Exploration program requires 30 credits, broken down as follows:

  • Fall Semester (15 Credits)
    • CC101 First Year Seminar
    • EN101 Expository Writing
    • GD113 Digital Trio
    • AR102 Basic Drawing Skills
    • AR112 Two- and Three-Dimensional Design
  • Spring Semester (15 Credits)
    • AR231 History of Art 1
    • Major Requirement (must pick an Introductory course from a SoD major)
    • EN102 Composition and Literature
    • Math Elective
    • Science Elective