Dental Hygiene – Bachelor Degree Completion (one to five years)

In our Dental Hygiene Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program, you can earn a dental hygiene degree that prepares you for dental hygienist jobs, or for dynamic dental hygiene career niches such as education or management. Designed for students who’ve already completed CODA-accredited dental hygiene training, the program enables you to complete a dental hygiene bachelor’s degree via online classes, on-campus instruction, or a combination of both. You’ll get personalized instruction from experienced faculty, while building the skills you need for specialized dental hygiene careers.

Mount Ida’s dental hygiene degree completion program offers concentrations in management, education and pre-professional education. All three concentrations include a capstone course based on self-directed research and analysis. Some concentrations also include workplace internships or hands-on clinical experience. And all emphasize practical knowledge that will help you succeed in the job market—and excel in your profession.

All three concentrations of the dental hygiene degree completion program include courses in statistics, decision making, literature, history and the humanities. You’ll also take specialized courses in your area of concentration, choosing from among:

  • Business / management
  • Education
  • Pre-professional (preparation for dental school)

The dental hygiene bachelor’s degree requires 120 to 128 credits, broken down as follows:

  • Up to 84 transfer credits from a CODA-accredited dental hygiene program
  • 6 credits in required dental hygiene courses
  • 12 to 20 credits in one of three concentrations (management, pre-professional or education).
  • 18 credits in statistics, literature, history and humanities

Our bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene offers a wide range of job possibilities and career flexibility. With a dental hygiene bachelor’s degree, you work in specialty areas such as administration, management, marketing or education, or you can pursue graduate studies (including dental school) or laboratory research.

Many graduates of our bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene program find employment in dental practices. Others work for colleges, public health agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, public schools, insurance companies or federal agencies (such as the Veteran’s Administration, Indian Health Programs, military institution or prison).

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