There’s more to our undergraduate majors than what you learn in class

Mount Ida’s undergraduate majors offer a rare combination of focused career development with open-ended discovery. You’ll earn a bachelor’s degree with strong credentials for the job market, while enjoying close friendships, extracurricular activities and the intimate atmosphere of a private New England college.

We offer bachelor’s degrees in more than 20 undergraduate majors. All of our undergraduate majors stand out for:

  • Small classes with lots of one-on-one instruction
  • Practical courses that develop specialized skills
  • Internships that provide you with professional workplace experience
  • Strong instruction in writing, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Our All-College Curriculum, which helps you integrate knowledge from all your courses, inside and outside your major
  • Optional undergraduate minors that offer a second area of expertise

No matter what undergraduate major you choose, you’ll enter the job market with strong credentials, in-demand skills, and workplace experience. Use the links below to explore the undergraduate majors at Mount Ida College.