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Social Work

Minors Can Broaden Your Academic Experience

This minor has been developed in response to market demand, student interest, and career relevance for students of a variety of majors including psychology, criminal justice, public administration, and business. This minor will provide skills that can be applied to career paths at the bachelor’s degree level as well as skills for success in social work graduate programs.

For details about the curriculum, the complete course listing, specific program requirements and expected learning outcomes please refer to the Social Work minor program in our College Catalog.

Total credit requirements: 18 credits.

Required Courses (9 credits):

  • SW 101 – Introduction to Social Work
  • SO 355 – Social Issues in Global Perspective
  • CJ 250 – Interviewing and Writing in Justice Professions
  • PS 360 – Theories and Techniques in Counseling

Three courses from the following list:

Elective courses (9 credits; all courses 3 credits)

  • ED 107 – Physical Development, Health and Safety of Young Children
  • SO 203 – Sociology of Deviance
  • SO 209 – Race and Ethnic Relations
  • ED 211 – The Child, Environment, and Behavior
  • SO 214 – Sociology of the Family
  • CJ 235 – Drugs and Society
  • LS 290 – Mediation Theory and Practice
  • CJ 420 – Criminal Sexual Offenders

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