Public Administration Concentration provides training in the public policy field as well as public management.

Our concentration is specifically designed to prepare you for professional and graduate schools and entry into public service careers through promoting your understanding of the diversity of the human experience in its historical and global contexts.

Public Administration Concentration (12 credits)

Public Administration concentrators should take EC 205 Microeconomics under the ACC Social World requirement. They should also consult with their advisor about specific PO courses under the core requirements that would support this concentration.

  • PO 104 – Introduction to Public Administration 3 credits
  • PO 203 – State and Local Government 3 credits
  • AC 110 – Principles of Financial Accounting 3 credits
  • HP 450 – Internship 3 credits

The number and variety of positions available in federal, state and local government are too numerous to list thoroughly here. Careers can be found in city management, financial administration, federal and state courts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Fall 2013), federal, state and local governments fill 9.7 million positions (excluding education, hospitals and the US Postal Service. This degree and track will introduce you directly to these possibilities with a required internship, as well as prepare you for further study at the master’s degree level (and beyond) if you so wish.