The Public Administration Concentration provides training in the public policy field as well as public management.

The pressure on governments and public departments to improve their performance have reached a new intensity that is unlikely to taper off anytime soon. Public Administration, an interdisciplinary discipline concentration offered within the Political Science and History degree, combines knowledge and experience from the worlds of politics and business. Selecting this concentration enables students to increase their understanding of public organizations and bureaucracies beyond coverage in other political science and history classes.

By combining traditional academics and critical thinking with hands-on training, the Public Administration Concentration coupled with the Political Science and History degree builds upon your academic base to explore career-focused fields in public administration or a customized program design tailored to your specific goals. In between classes, there will
be plenty of opportunities to explore interests beyond public administration, with Boston being just minutes away.

The Public Administration Concentration offers a unique opportunity to link a liberal arts degree with superior preparation in organizational leadership, analytical skills and real-world internship experience. Mount Ida’s course offerings are specifically designed to prepare you for graduate school and entry into public service careers through promoting your understanding of the diversity of the human experience in its historical and global contexts.

Public Administration Concentration (12 credits)

As a private college with a traditional academic focus, you will begin our program with a solid foundation in political science and history. Our rich curriculum allows you to employ responsive, efficient and accountable processes and policies that are relevant to the public administration sector. The concentration will deepen your understanding of key public administration issues and policymaking practices at local, state and national levels. Students are required to take 12 credits as follows:

– PO 104 – Introduction to Public Administration
– PO 203 – State and Local Government
– AC 110 – Principles of Financial Accounting
– HP 450 – Internship

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History with a concentration in Public Administration requires 120 credits, broken down as follows:

– 45 credits in Political Science and History, including
the Public Administration Concentration
– 33-34 credits in the arts, social sciences and humanities
– 42 credits in open electives, which may include minors or study abroad

Within the Political Science and History curriculum, here are just a sample of some of the courses you will be taking:

– PO 102 – American Government
– LS 180 – Conflict and Communication
– EC 206 – Macroeconomics

The Public Administration Concentration opens the doors to a wide range of public service careers, which includes but is not limited to city management, financial administration and state and federal courts. This degree and track will introduce you directly to these possibilities with a required internship, as well as prepare you for further study at the master’s degree level.