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Design Week provides participants with a preview of what it is like to be a college student studying Interior Architecture & Design. Each day builds on the next with lectures from design professors and professionals, visits to local interiors showrooms, and time in the studio, where students come up with their own unique interior design solutions.

We also have some fun along the way, and in the end, students walk away with new friendships, a broader view of the interior design profession, and an amazing project that can serve as part of a college application package.

Stephanie McGoldrick professor within the Interior Architecture & Design program shared the following: “I was fully impressed with the interior architecture and design group and their dedication throughout the week.  It showed in their design projects, which were incredible, and they proudly posted their progress on Facebook throughout the entire process.”

Nicolette Gordon was a Grad Resident Assistant/Teachers Assistant during Design Week and shared what a wonderful experience it was. “It was amazing to see a variety of unexplored design talent beaming from all of the design students. Every student had a distinctive personality, which was pushed to be shown within their project for the week. My role, as a Grad Resident Assistant/Teachers Assistant, was to motivate and assist the students with finding the balance between their creativity and their passion for design. Each student truly pushed themselves to new limits; accomplishing in a week a majority of what is accomplished within a five month semester during freshman year. In the end they had made new friends, learn the creative process for Interior Design, and completed a design project perfect for their client. The students came in as creative individuals from across the country, and returned home as stunning designers with a portfolio to prove it, all within a week’s time.”


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