Exhibit: March 14-April 14
Inclusive Design: Passport to a Universal World

Our first-ever Inclusive Design Symposium and Design-a-Thon was a huge success, culminating in our gallery exhibit Inclusive Design: Passport to a Universal World, running from March 14 to April 14.


The Symposium featured members of the New England community including students and faculty, interior designers, architects, care-givers, and community members with or without disabilities. Participants enjoyed speakers and participated in team empathy exercises, while using design as a medium to move beyond stereotypes and build compassionate, practical solutions. Guest speakers included Brett Heising from, Valerie Fletcher, Executive Director of the Institute for Human Centered DesignGRIT, and Jerry Berrier, Deaf-blind Equipment Distribution Program Manager at Perkins School for the Blind.


  • Bonneville Design New England
  • For All to Play
  • GRIT
  • Gund Partnership
  • Independence Day – Universal Clothing
  • Institute for Human Centered Design
  • IZ Designer Clothing
  • LDa Architects
  • Marymount University, Moira Denson
  • Victoria Heydari Interior Design, Mitchell Construction Group
  • MPA- Margulies Perruzzi Architects
  • Tsoi/Kobus & Associates


Accepted Student work

  • Ani Moushigian, Mount Ida College Alumna
  • Domeny Anderson, Mount Ida College Alumna
  • Nicolette Gordon, MSM IA Mount Ida College Student
  • Augusta M Hahnel, MSM IA Mount Ida College Student
  • Lindsay Schubert, MSM IA Mount Ida College Student
  • Lauren LoPresti, IA+D Mount Ida College Student
  • McKenzie Meserve, IA+D Mount Ida College Student
  • Stacey Marino, IA+D Mount Ida College Student


Team Outcomes from the Design-athon

Team 1: Stacey Marino, Melissa Pastore, Emmanuel Andrade, Bonnie Matterand, Monica Mattingly, Christie Poole, Danielle Barnabe, Monica Guzman, Dan Poole, and Maria Poole

Flex-able: As a group we examined the basic crutch design and the challenges it presents related to the user experience. Certain design challenges include inflexibility, lack of comfort, absence of self-support, slip resistance, and foot fatigue after long usage. Our concept is to create a new design that addresses these concerns to make usage easier and movement more fluid.

Team 2/3: Taylor Birse, Cynthia Birse, Penny Shaw, Casey Whitney, Ariel Lesnick, Brandon Drake, Lauren LoPresti, and Leah Truesdell Offers a secure grip on any smartphone. This affordable accessory assists users with diverse manual dexterity limitations.

Team 4: Lisa Bonneville, Keegan Espinola, McKenzie Meserve, Jessica Shaughnessy, Christina Gedick, Selena Hayter, Erich Weltsek, Joan Hill, and Chris Becker

Up & Up Systems: A staircase that retracts to allow a lift to raise from the ground for those who use wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, etc… to access the shops on Newbury Street.

Team 5: Nicole Handzel, Taylor Porter, Susan Bibbins, Andrea Brenner Shaevitz, Emily Goldsmith, Jill Janasiewicz, Grazyna Fadrowska, and Mariel LaBrecque

Chariot of Deliciousness: The shopping cart is difficult to navigate for a person with dexterity and mobility limitations. According to our user expert, Susan Bibbins, the Chariot of Deliciousness is a mechanism to reduce her limitations by using the main force from the pelvis (rather than her hands and arms) and navigation using a lever.

Team 6: Joe Arcuri, Ani Moushigian, Betsy Scheivert, Angela Corkin, Kerri LaBerge, Makayla MacSaveny, Jeff Drucker, Jody Goldstein

Dinner Bell: This interactive, step-by-step cooking App is designed for safe, independent cooking. The customizable process includes voice-activation, alerts, and photo capability.


Thank you to our contributors!