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Professional Writing

Minors Can Broaden Your Academic Experience

For details about the curriculum, the complete course listing, specific program requirements and expected learning outcomes please refer to the Professional Writing minor program in our College Catalog. Students must complete six courses (18 credits) for the Professional Writing minor. Courses are arranged in a three-year sequence, two courses per year. The sequence may begin in the freshman or sophomore year, as late as second semester sophomore year.


I. 100-level course (3 credits)

MC 101-Introduction to Communication (3 credits)

II.  200-level courses (9 credits)

PW201-Introduction to Professional Writing (3 credits)

PW 210- Journalism (3 credits)

MC 210 – Media Writing (3 credits)

III. 300-level courses (6 credits)

PW 300-Advanced Professional Composition (3 credits)

PW 360-Computer-Aided Publishing (3 credits)

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