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Minors Can Broaden Your Academic Experience

Mount Ida College’s photography degree program offers a multiplicity of courses in the fundamentals of the industry’s tools, techniques, and business practices, and prepares students for entry into the commercial photography field.

The curriculum places equal emphasis on the technical and aesthetic skills required to become a successful commercial photographer. Individual courses focus on mastering the required commercial photography techniques such as studio and location lighting, portrait lighting, digital workflow, image manipulation, and retouching. In the classroom, and on location, students are exposed to the most up-to-date hardware and software products and techniques. Students gain the technical and design skills necessary to develop an individualized online and offline commercial photography portfolio.

For details about the curriculum, the complete course listing, specific program requirements and expected learning outcomes please refer to the Photography minor program in our College Catalog.

Total credit requirements: 18 credits.

The Minor was created for School of Design Majors. Students must complete six courses, including four required photography courses and two electives, for a total of 18 credits for the Photography Minor.

Required courses (12 credits):

  • PX 101 – Principles of Commercial Photography (3 credits)
  • PX 103 – Post Production and Printing (3 credits)
  • PX 203 – Intro to Studio and Environmental Lighting Techniques (3 credits)
  • PX 204 – Introduction to the Photography Marketplace and Business (3 credits)

Electives (6 credits):

Choose two (2) of the following (6 credits):

  • PX 102 – Photographic Image Capture and Manipulation I (3 credits)
  • PX 202 – Photographic Image Capture and Manipulation II (3 credits)
  • PX 210 – Portrait Photography (3 credits)
  • PX 310 – Architectural Interior Photography (3 credits)
  • PX 312 – Documentary and Editorial Photography (3 credits)
  • PX 314 – Photographic Compositing (3 credits)
  • PX 315 – Fashion Photography (3 credits)
  • PX 316 – Wedding Photography (3 credits)
  • PX 403 – Environmental and Landscape Photography (3 credits)

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